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Set up, Control,
And Mine efficiently

Hive OS is the solution to manage processes more efficiently and hassle-free across your GPU rigs and ASICs, no matter whether you have one or thousands of devices. Hive OS is everything you and your team need to keep your farm at its peak.

Set up, control, and mine efficiently


Hiveon Pool is the best solution for ETH, ETC mining. Receive a predictable high income with our PPS+ payout model.


Install 1000s of ASICs within minutes

Install thousands of ASICs ultra-fast and use the benefits of Hive OS.

Install thousands of ASICs within minutes

Get extra hashrate and virus protection

Hiveon ASIC firmware was created to make the most of the ASICs. Improve your hashrate with manual and automatic settings, reach the highest virus-protection level, and get multiple Hive OS features to manage all the farms easily.

Old Asic
Antminer S9S9S9/S9j/S9i
New Asic
3 Pro MaxS17 / ProS17/S17+/S17E, S17 Pro
firmware for popular ASICs
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Referral rewards

Referral rewards

Increase your income with Hiveon inviting your friends to join the most extensive crypto-mining ecosystem!

Referral rewards


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