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RX 5700 XT Overlocking and Undervolting

Yeah, it is great. It dropped 15-20w from the wall per card for me. It also works for Vega cards, although it removes only 5-10w per card. You have a guide here:


The R-mode tuning guide is available at: teamredminer/ETHASH_TUNING_GUIDE_RMODE.txt at master · todxx/teamredminer · GitHub

From the link:

R-mode effect on various gpus

The effect of R-mode on different gpus can be summarized as follows:

  • 5700XT/5700: big winner. Core clk 1050-1075 MHz is now enough to
    sustain 56 MH/s. Can almost always run at sub-700mV core voltage.

  • 5600XT: decent winner. Core clk 950 MHz supports 42 MH/s, core voltage
    can be dropped low.

Requirements / Enabling R-mode

R-mode needs a modern linux kernel and amdgpu driver setup, and a specific set of amdgpu kernel boot parameters:

amdgpu.vm_block_size=11 amdgpu.vm_size=2048

We do not expect things to run well on opencl versions before 20.40. Testing has primarily been done on newer opencl versions such as 21.40.2 and 21.50.2.

There are three ways of setting the necessary kernel boot parameters:

  1. Using the new integrated support in the miner.
  2. Mining distro integrated support.
  3. Manually.

Enabling R-mode using miner integrated support

To simplify setting up for R-mode, and also making sure it’s set properly after e.g. mining distro upgrades, we’ve added a bundled shell script called “” which is integrated
directly into the miner.

This setup will work on all Linux distros that uses a /etc/default/grub file. This includes most mining distros incl Hive, Minerstat OS, SMOS. The script will set the correct parameters, run update-grub, and reboot if anything was modified and it was asked to do so.

To use it, just add the miner argument --kernel_vm_mode=X, where X is one of:

N - set no specific mode.
C - set old Radeon VII C-mode.
R - set new R-mode.
RN - set no specific mode and reboot if there was a change.
RC - set old Radeon VII C-mode and reboot if changed.
RR - set new R-mode and reboot if changed.

This way, you can add “–kernel_vm_mode=RR” to e.g. your Hive flight sheet custom arguments and leave it there. After any distro upgrade or clean reinstall, the miner will set up the R-mode parameters and reboot automatically the first time it’s executed.

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TREF only part of the mod

Did you copy the 1550 Mhz timings and use for all below memory tables?

Also there’s normally two memory tables on the drop down Memory Type circled in red?

1550 Mhz timings needs to be replaced all the way down on both memory types

mpt files only needed if mining in Windows not hive

Son of Techs BIOS mod video is the best one out of all of them but its badly titled so people miss it

R-mode is still quite addicting…

Soon il share my OC on 5700s ive got, under TRM with RR. Ive just changed bios`s, upgraded almost all…
new bios = new settings

Rx5700xt works fine for me with 1025mhz core 920mhz vram 660mV 93w 56mh/s in hiveos. Rx5600xt got some memory error with r mode unable to wright correct amount of dag. Anyone else see this issue?

R-mode both bios modded.

5700 samsung memory 54.5 mh/s @ 70-72w. SoC values at 950mhz/950mV.

5700 xt micron memory 55.5 mh/s @ 76-78w. SoC values at 950mhz/1000mV.

They can run a little higher but I like the temperature and efficiency at this hashrate. Hoping teamredminer comes out with some efficiency gains for Ravencoin and Ergo on these cards post-merge similar to R-mode on eth.

The Ethereum dag is getting pretty big, though I think it’s in the 5GB area so 6GB should be plenty especially in Linux. Does it still mine correctly regardless of the error? If so I’d just ignore it since Ethereum will be unmineable in 1-3 months.

5600xt runs perfectly fine on lolminer and on older versions of trm.

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Sapphire nitro + ( micron ) Teamredminer R - mode

Sapphire nitro + ( Samsung )

Seems you`re using it without bios mod.
Is that correct ??

I’m not using bios mod

at 905 you would have 55mhash
using sapphire, you1re having dualbios - no worry of bios bricking the card.

You run 5600xt on r-mode? My three 5600xt crashing on start with dag size error.

Really? That’s odd. What do you have under user config?

1050mhz core 700mv, 905mhz 1300mv memory.

With what algorithm 5600xt and 5700xt are good after eth ?

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nothing profitable right now :frowning: