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RX 5700 XT Overlocking and Undervolting

FAN 50
CORE 1430
VDD 775
MEM 950 950 900 940 950 950
MVDD 1350

Running RX 5700 XT for 16 hours without any problem. 'm getting 352.5 MH/s with modded bios.

I have some questions for these NAVI GPUs.
FAN, CORE and MEM are the values we used to. VDD defines Core Voltage. No problem.
MVDD and VDDCI ??? Which one is for new Navi GPUS ?


WOW i couldn’t keep 57 On windows now i get 58.7 ty

The latest result with my bios rom.

Core & MEM is the toppest value whcih I can set. Well 59+ MH/s sounds perfect. Trying to set lower voltage. Stability is important.

I set MVDD 1300. But i fails on a GPU. So I had to back 1350.

I set VDD 770 and testing now. No problem for 2 hours. After testing it for one day, i will use lower VDD value.


How can I get that BIOS. works on rx 5700 XFX Micron GDDR6 113-80W2NAVI10XT8GD6_MS_191122_W8 cards,

I got max 58.6 can u please share bios rom…
so I can see what else I can do to push the hash more

I got 59.5 MH/s at 121W in Windows. I can’t replicate this performance on HiveOS.

Why is the mclock in HiveOS set to max. 920 while in Afterburner it is set for 1926?

Another issue, I found that I need to set the parameters in Phoenix configuration and not in the Overclock settings.

Can you suggest how you configured HiveOS?

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Great results! :grinning: What shares u got on the pool?

You can set MEMORY to 950 maximum on HiveOS. You can see and edit this information on MPT. You can get unstable system if you set higher values on MPT. You can see i had to use lower values than 950 for MEM 'cause the GPU fails if i set it higher. You have to check and find the stable MEMORY. Afteer you have found the stable mem for your GPU, you can use lower voltages.

I dont use Windows for mining, so i cannot tell anything about it.

My last settings: 957W at the wall.

if you use autofan, you will spend less power. I will send more info about it later.


I was able to modify the Gigabyte 5700XT with bios (rev.1).

When using your OC settings and I am getting 58.47MH/s at 121W.
I made changes to the OC and I am getting 59.14MH/s at 119W.

Can you suggest what values to change to reduce the power to your levels of watts (W)?


Gigabyte is different brand from Sapphire. So, each manufacterer has different systems, OC, powerplay table. You have to play and find the stable and best performance settings with low voltage.

Can you suggest how a test methodology? For example

  1. Set memory freq., to 950
  2. Lower Memory mv until card is crash and then increase by xx(mv)
  3. lower the code mv
  4. lower the core clock

This is just to explain what I am asking. Because I am going all over the map without knowing what I am looking for.

If I can’t get a lower power via HiveOS, any suggestions for what to modify in the bios?




is this gigabyte or Aours ? coz i have aours and non xt gigabyte

I have Gigabyte 5700 XT Gaming 6G

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How did you get bellow 100W? I am doing the SAME settings on the Gigabyte 5700 XT and I am getting ~120.

Can you share your MorePowerTools settings?


You have to edit the Bios of the GPU. But it s dangerous if u dont know what u re doing.

About OC & UV:
-Set 800mV for core and memory.
-Set 1400 CORE Clock.
-Set 900 MEMORY Clock.
-Run the system around 15 hours. If the rig is stable then increae 10 memory clock.

You can find sweet spot by increasing 10. When you get error, Go back 5, if you get error again go back 5. Then stop there. After you find the sweet spot for mem, you can try to lower voltage.


I have bought 12 pcs Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5700 XT with Samsung Memory today. Although i made custom bios, i cannot set higher than 900-905-910 MEMORY. I’m getting error messages. I know Micron is worse than Samsung about MEMORY. But i think it s different on RX 5700 XT GPUs. I m really get awesome hashrate on Micron Memory.But something is wrong on Samsıung Memory.

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Yeah, I was under the impression that the Samsung memory is supposed to be “better” but I have the same results as you. All my powercolor cards with Micron memory clock around 930-950 but I cannot get a stable clock above 915 with my only Samsung card.
I have tried several different timings by changing the vbios straps as well as playing around with Vddc mvvd and vddci but cannot get any better results.

Hi Igotek,
I was able to reduce the power to 105W but only with the Phoenix -openclLocalWork 64.

This option creates invalid shares, and according to machasm it should not be used.

Can you tell us what is the miner and the configuration you are using with this rig to get these results?
Do you have any invalid shares?

My best stable configuration is

I may increase the core v to 740mv when I move the card into the production rig.


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  • Micron memory is faster but less power efficient
  • Samsung memory is slower but more power efficient

Hi, is this sapphire nitro or pulse ?