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Trex 25.12 low power mode

Hi everyone, may I know how can run GPU 0 and GPU 1 in lhr low power mode and the rest on normal mode?

Just manually set the lhr lock to lower on that card along with more conservative clocks.

Any command line to key in?

What card and clocks are you running? What hashrate/ power draw are you looking to achieve?

Reaaon being because i want to run my 2x RTX3070TI in lhr low power mode due to high temp vram, i already key in “lhr-low-power” : 1 but it causes all the cards in low power mode and low hashrate, so may i know what to key in if i want just run 2x RTX3070TI in lhr low power mode?

 --lhr-tune                 [Ethash, Autolykos2] LHR tuning value that indicates the percentage of the full speed the miner
                                   tries to achieve for LHR cards (default: -1). Range from 10 to 95.
                                   -1 - auto-mode (LHR tune is set to 74 (or 68 in low power mode) for LHR cards and 0 for non-LHR)
                                    0 - disabled (use for non-LHR cards)
                                   30 - recommended starting value for most LHR cards in LHR unlock dual mining mode (see --dual-algo)
                                   68 - recommended starting value for most LHR cards in low power mode (see --lhr-low-power)
                                   74 - recommended starting value for most LHR cards
                                   Can be set for each GPU separately, e.g.
                                   "lhr-tune": "0,0,74.5,0" - this will set LHR tuning value to 74.5 for the third GPU.

From the readme. Set the lhr tune lower for those cards

besides lowering the oc as keaton suggest, you might try 0.25.6. Not sure if this only works when dual mining, but my cards increased in temp after upgrading.

You didn’t say whether you are mining only eth or eht/alph. If you are dual mining, and nothing else works, mine only eth. This will drop the power use

Had a similar issue as I wrote in these threads

--lhr-low-power            [Ethash, Autolykos2] Reduces power consumption in LHR mode at a cost of a slightly lower hashrate.

“lhr_low_power” : true on hiveos

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