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T-rex 0.25.8 tamed(?)

Finally got my rig tamed. T-rex 0.25.8 compared to 0.25.6 consumes a lot more power, though you almost double your alph production. I had played with lower oc and even added some pl limits, but still drew too much power. Since I’m energy challenged, this was a critical issue for me.

Got my core speed lowered by almost 400 MHz (memory stayed about the same), added Pl to around 135W (some cards running too hot got 120), and added this option to my flightsheet “lhr-low-power”: 1

The result was very similar eth speeds to 0.25.6, and alph was a lot faster but about 10% slower than an untamed 0.25.8. Also about 100W less :slight_smile:, though it is still about 100W more than 0.25.6 :frowning:. Had to restart the miner to get the full eth. Otherwise, the eth dropped somewhat from the optimal value.

0.25.8 still using more power I would like, and tried 0.25.9. Using “dual-algo-mode”: “a12:r5:lr10” seems to have helped. Maybe r0?? The lower the r value, the more eth and less power the card will do. Think lr gives you an extra for the lhr blocked processing capacity?

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