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Idea for managing heat

This idea might not work for everyone, since some might not want to reduce their production.

However, for those that are concerned about heat, it is an idea to consider. I hadn’t thought of it until yesterday when I noticed most of my cards speeding up their fans to keep up with the warmer day.

I have tried to make my open rig have as much airflow as I could and draw the heat from the end of the gpus (many rigs do the opposite). So normally my fans are under 66% and temps at 56° since this allows them to have some headroom. The rig also exhausts to a window, so that helps too.

Still, most cards reached 75% or higher, even when the same cards had 50-65% at night. The idea was to tweak the cards that overheated and create a schedule for the day and night. Thus reducing my heat and alas my production during the day, and bumping it up at night to take advantage of the cooler air.

My results have about a 10% reduction in power and production during the day schedule and kicking it up during the cooler hours. Would imagine that the rise in fan speeds (the temps stayed around the same) isn’t terrible, but just feel more comfortable not pushing the gpus hard. If the days get so hot that at night it still overheats, I might reevaluate the idea of lowering the power during the day.

Also, I switched t-rex to 0.25.6 since the newer versions tend to heat the cards more. Most of the tweaking besides this was done by lowering the core clocks for those warmer cards.

Since hive doesn’t allow to have two different oc for a coin, I switched a different coin to first place in the flightsheet, so it would force a different oc during each schedule. An alternative would be to set the oc in the flightsheet but had some bad experiences with that before.

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