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TONCOIN Thread - What is it, how to mine, how to OC, how to exchange

Hi :smirk: cclck is much to high! Try cclck about 180 and mclk at 2000

I mean those setting on flight sheet extra config arguments --cclk 810 --mclk 2100; while set to --cclk 180 and --mclk 2000, got very low hash rate, just less than 100MH/s

More miners = lower income
Good post :joy:

I think gunzen means core lock 2000 and mem lock 810

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:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Sorry yes, was a little bit asleep :zzz:
I wanted to write: cclk 180 and mclk 810

and keep in mind if you change the “–cclk 1980”. you have to use steps off +15 or -15

Only param I have is mclk 810 and the hashrate jumps between 3.128 and 3.168

Anyone knows the hashrate of GTX1050Ti in TonCoin?


i don’t know if you can compare it to an 1050, but his one should do approx 0.4GH. See here

anyone know the minimum to withdrawal btc from wallet bot on telegram? it’s the only place i can convert toncoin (US in texas so no binance). Everytime I attempt to withdrawal, it says insufficient funds and I’m to the point where it won’t be worth mining toncoin anymore if i can’t exchange it

Which pool?

Not the withdrawal from the pool but the actual
Wallet called wallet bot

Found out it’s .0004 BTC to transfer it out.

Work Two hours but stop! Can anyone help?

These are my settings.

Same here. Problem with pool or network I try to find now.

if those settings can help somebody, best I got on the 3060ti

Mem -2000

having the same issue