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TONCOIN Thread - What is it, how to mine, how to OC, how to exchange


I think we have to stay efficient.

With the fall of the last few days, it’s less sexy to mine TonCoin, but it’s still more interesting than eth.

I dedicate 9 Rx6600 xt on TonCoin and I still have 18 Rx6600 xt on eth (which allows me to compare.)

And here are the results.
with Lolminer and TonPool.
9Rx 6600 Xt generate 6.38 TonCoin / Day

Either: (without the electric cost because, it is true, TonCoin increases the necessary power.)

at today’s price: $ 17.42
at the average price $ 21.7
at the high price: 28.7 $
And for the eth
at the price of the day: $ 13
at average price: $ 16.4
at the high price: $ 19

Let’s not forget that the eth was at 700 euros 13 month ago.
If we look then, today, TonCoin is more profitable.

Have a good day :slight_smile:



Does anyone use to collect their TonCoin?
I would like to make a transfer but the wallet that gives me is not 48 characters long.
Thanks in advance

this OC you use good for Ethash algo not SHA256-TON
leave memory clock as it is (blank) , remove all undervolting then put core clock 2000 then little by little go up and find stable core clock for you GPU, after that you can play with VDD and VDDCI for undervolting

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same for me , tonuniverse is scamming people with fakes profit/ghs

Hello @natsou_k they have in ETH network, you will not be able to transfer directly there. for now I’m holding to them on the ton wallet.

Read here and especially here for memory clock locking instructions.

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Hey GPU-Heads :wave: :slight_smile:

I would like to take up the problem with the tonuniverse pool again: we certainly agree that this pool seems to have extreme problems. In the last 48 hours alone, the withdrawal limit has been changed four times, the backend was faulty, the mining protocol was switched from PPS to PPLNS and back to PPS … all in all, a very unsatisfactory situation!

BUT: we should be careful with terms like SCAM …! :point_up_2: I don’t want to protect anyone here or take sides with any side, but none of us knows exactly what’s behind it! Whether the operators of the pool are just a few script kiddies who want to make a quick profit, or whether they are two hard-working guys who are trying to get a new pool on their feet in addition to their “normal” lives and have to deal with any problems permanently without a large team behind them … we don’t know! :man_shrugging:

And that’s why I would like to ask you to refrain from making such accusations in this thread, thank you! :handshake:


Hi gunzen and thanks.
Do you know if this param (lolminer) :

–mclk 810 --cclk 1740

Can be use with rx6600 xt?

Thanks :slight_smile:


to be honest I don’t even know… but be careful with the CCLK-command, it’s not equal for every card and it’s not made for every card :wink: That’s the thing I used to know!

Edit: for me the values 150 - 180 under coreclock working perfectly! And the MCLK-command does plus 1.5 GH wit my rigs! :+1:

Ok thanks. What cards/gpu do you have?

Hi. How mamy coins its still to mine?

These are my certain rigs:

RiggyThree does additional 4.3 GH, so in sum I got 28 GH

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There are still 76% to mine…! Look here.

Agreed that probably they are not a scam, I also doubted and asked if someone knew who they are.

It seems they are struggling to stabilise their system. Still don’t understand why they placed another layer like client id on a simple process.

Anyway, most ppl did not like the constant changes without notice.

Best of luck to them, if they need help testing post here and sure there will be a couple ppl that will change just for testing. :slight_smile:

One advantage, it was the only pool where with the same OC settings that had no rejected shares.

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Houston, we’re on our way to the moon :joy:
Up up and away :rocket:

Thats very interesting.
I already tried this last week with my mixed Nvidia rig.
But the solution is horrible;(
I got 50% of TON and 30% of Eth.
So its less than one of these coins.
Nothing to do with overclocking… ;(

Maybe help


Thank you so much :+1:

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New Hiveos update and lolminer update for mclk Parameter and use (TON Recommended) · Lolliedieb/lolMiner-releases Wiki · GitHub

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:smirk: That’s what I just wrote a half day ago… you’re late, mate! :smiley: