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The new RX6600 (tested)

Hi Guys greetings from Argentina actually runing a 12 6600 PowerColor Fighter rigs on a Asus Rog Strix b450 and Ryzen 1600 , im having issues with one card Vram Temps is hoter than the rest, anybody got this problem?

This Oc seems to been working fine for 10 cards 950 at the memory , and 2 at 925 …

@orchiz87, thank you, I was wondering if the Powercolor Fighter has Hynix or Micron RAM.

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This is the Fighter version.

u need to reduce the power consumption, this way the temp goes down, u can test this OC that was told about in this topic.


I think there is a hardware problem with power color products.
I also tried disassembling it because the temperature was too high.

Failure to design heat dissipation.
Thick thermal pads are used in two of the four memories.


I’m disassembling some products(6600) but Power color is terrible


I been getting lockups with lolminer on these settings on my XFX cards. @Batfink any ideas what I should turn up?

@naimaier My cards crash with that OC i think they dont like the SOC Freq and Soc VDD …
Trying @JustifiedMX Oc seems to downpower compsumption to 40w but Vram Still Hot , seems like the problem is what @HybridJAP posted will need to open the card and take a look on the thermalpads …

Thnx a lot for all comments and help!

Hi @Hilbe, can you post a pic of your HiveOS screen and OCs buddy?

Straight off the bat I would suggest raising SOCVDDMax and Core Voltage by +5mV intervals until the crashing stops. I just had to raise both by +5mV on one of my Powercolors after putting it on a PCIE Splitter so I feel your pain :rofl:

OK, it can happen, the best thing to do is test diferent configurations! all we achive is part of a hardwork trying diferent OC and understanding how the GPU runs with each Freq or Voltage

hello my rig is not stable, it restarts itself, can someone help me?

Lot of depends on used miner. I decided to use TeamRedMiner little less MH, less W but stable. 3th card is unstable so I had to use different settings.

I just found a realy nice video about the RX 6600 on youtube:

I added 3 more ASUS RX 6600 to my rig. Before it was rock stable. Now i cant get it running well again.

I tried your numbers and even set the SoC Freq. to 534 and the Mem.Freq. to 900 on GPU 6.

Still, i get:

What i noticed from the start, is that this card reports lower temps (and is cooler? idk)

Any ideas?

Hi @haenno, is the rig stable without OCs? (always worth checking after adding new GPUs if you have problems, it rules out bad OCs and also checks if hardware & power are working ok and you don’t have any PCIe lane issues). Be aware your power consumption will increase substantially with no OCs so double check your PSU and PCIe cables have sufficient power capacity.

Also you can try removing the SoC settings (Freq & VVDmax) for GPU6 and see if it is stable then start to reduce. The hashrate for GPU6 is quite low, it might just be silicon lottery or it might point to something else the rig is not happy about.

Finally seem to have got my rig stable after adding a 4th XFX 6600 (which bizzarely caused GPU1 to crash the rig every 24 hours for 10 days) :frowning:

I might wait for a few more days uptime then go back to the Asus 6600XTs and see if I can get a better hashrate/wattage out of them.

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Hi @Batfink, thank you for your reply! I reset to your default values and try it for GPU6 w/o the SoC Freq.+VDD. Will report later… :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

Has anyone had random offline times here? No miner faults just a time period in where you 6600 rig just goes down? Trying to collect some data if you did.

which miner? use TRM and all will be fine or at least it will show the problem card.

You can bring your wattage down without much loss to the hash rate