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The new RX6600 (tested)

Hi guys. I created this thread for the new RX6600 (DUAL-RX6600-8G). I’m testing it on HiveOS. Here’s the specs for ethash (ethermine w/ nbminer):

Feel free to suggest any clocks.


by me will dont work
i have the 6600 and two 6600xt on one Board. and the HiveOS dont beginn to Mining.

did you Have any Idea? i Install the Hiveos new. but it dont Works

Try installing last stable version and get all updated. Use NBMiner.

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I Have Testet many times in that. with the OCs from the 6600xt works fine.
did you have better OC´s for me? so it is better efficiency with this card?

core 900 and mem 950, as seen in my screenshot

The settings of GPU 1 will save some power.

Does your rig has a intel CPU? I find it interesting that when I plugged this card in a intel CPU rig, the hashrate is about 28.95, but it gets29.17 when plugged in a AMD CPU rig

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Yes it’s an Intel CPU. That’s interesting, I never heard about a mh difference because of the cpu manufacturer…

best settings so far.


Hi Guys,
New to mining. Been mining for a few weeks. Only used Nvidia Cards before. I got my RX Gigabyte 6600 XT 8GB today.

I have been trying to mine either Cortex or Conflux. But i keep getting Unknow AMD GPU not supported.

I know its a 8gb card so should be able to mine cortex and conflux without any problems.

So what am i doing wrong, please help.


Nice. I waiting my first ones, they came today.

Try lovering voltage (VDD) instead power (PL), i think VDD can be arround 640. This will drop power to arround 40w. I never use PL on AMD cards.

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if i want hashrate to 29 do i need to nbminer?

I use teamredminer, can the hashrate of RX6600 be 29 if using teamredminer?

how much hashrate you get when you don’t use PL on the 6600 card ??

what mining do you use?

can i have your screenshot on hive os page as a whole?

I’m sorry i writed that post before i got the card and try. Today i got Gigabyte Eagle rx6600, she has Hynix memory and works 28,82MH in TeamRedMiner. I dont know but as i see, she have limitations in OC. I don’t know is this Hiveos limitations or limitations in card? Lowest core can go to 900 no more, highest mem can go to 950. Same is with VDD, card with core 900 and mem 950 and VDD 700 works at 768mV. Card wont go lower than 768mV watever i set VDD. If i set higher, than VDD goes higher. That mean 48w, but i’m not satisfied jet, will try lower. I saw same limitations in Hive in version 0.6-208 from August for cards rx6600xt memory. Whatever i set OC, i cant crash the card. They took me some part of fun, crashes and restarts are the part of trying to find correct OC :)))

Running Samsung memory for both my 6600’s mining ETH and I was able to find these stable settings. I have Hynix mem on my 3060ti and it is a PAIN. I assume this is what affecting low hashrate on your 6600 cards. Hynix mem is tricky.

Eko, thats all what can i get from this shitty Hynix memory… And i have no luck, last two cards both come with Hynix memory. 3060Ti too, few days ago…

If i understand correctly, we must look for VDD/PL/CORE good relation for lowest wattage. When lowering PL, VDD can go lower…, but CORE put up, for same hashrate. This card worked with CORE 900, MEM 950 and VDD 760 on 50w at 28.82MH without PL, with PL its a little different setting, but goes down for few wats. Never used PL on AMD cards till now…

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I played little more and include MVDD, wattage goes down for 6w, and very important, memory temp drops for 10c. 40w is really good consumption…

Hi there,

What miner are you using ?
I have same card as your GPU 1, but can not get it to mine.


Hi there,

for the past months i’ve mined on my gaming rig with my RTX 3070 over the nicehash quickminer and where quite happy with the results.

With the new RX 6600 i investes in 4 new gpus:

Now i have 410 Watts / 240 Volts on the wall for this rig.

I run gminer and mine into the “nicehash - ehtminer” pool. Mainly because of the payout all 4 hours.

Any tipps for me? What do you think about my numbers up there?

Happy to get some feedback - -thanks a lot :slight_smile:

bye :wave:

The payouts in nicehash are about 0.000035 BTC per 4 hours.

Not bad, they have an efficiency rate (Mhs / Watts) of approximately 0.48Mhs per Watt. Your screen capture confirms the data on Etherstat for one RX6600 AMD RX 6600 mining calculator ⛏️ | minerstat

I can buy one RX6600 on Ebay for around 550 CAD$ not bad.
I never bought AMD, only Nvidia, is it more complicated on HiveOS to set up (OC) an AMD graphic cards?