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The new RX6600 (tested)

So far having good results with my XFX and PowerColor cards with these settings. Anyone able to get the XFX to run any lower power?

Hi @Hilbe and welcome!, you can drop core to 901 and get lower power consumption (37-39w) but hashrate will drop to ~28.95

What are your SoC settings?

[I have three of these XFX]

Haven’t touched SoC. Recommendations on what to mess with?

Running at 900 now fine:

No, not 900 use 901 (it does make a difference)

Sorry, what miner are you running on what coin? (ETH I assume?)

Updated to 901.

ETH with Gminer. Keep switching back and forth from TRM and Gminer lately. Get more shares and higher MH/s with Gminer from what I’ve seen.

I can’t comment on Gminer but the hashrates look good (I use TRM).

Try Soc Freq = 534 and VDDMax 850 to start with

  • if you go 13 days back up this thread there is some info on SoC settings and where to start.

[do a reboot if things look good just to get a clean slate]

I got these XFX 6600;

There is an issue with GPU7 hashrate but I am reluctant to screw with it because of this :rofl:


Hello! who can answer me , gpu 5 its a renegade girl! i cant raise memory hight than 900 and that oc gets that mhs i cant understand.


Same OC less power :slight_smile:

6600 w/ Samsung memory, mem max still 950 but lower hash compared to all my Hynix cards, best I can get is ~27.21Mh.

Same card w/ Hynix is always ~29Mh. This is on TRM.

Hello @Lukezen!! , detected dead with this OC. :frowning:

Dang it

Your MEMs too hot IMO

Do you have 120mm fans pushing air over the cards?

My rigs

Last week i updated my rig cabinet (Ikea) and added two 200mm fans. Temps are realy great…

…but: I only have 4 from 8 GPUs installed – so we will see what it is then… but for now the 200mm fans are running on 5V only and the gpus on ~35% with these temps…

ooooh…nicely done :+1:

Thx :stuck_out_tongue:

Made a huge difference to stability

I changed to Gminer with the settings you talked about, now im with low power and 29.22MH

I tested the toncoin with a RX6600 doing 1.719GH
Core: 2365
VDD: 970
VDDCI: 600
MVDD: 1200
MEM: blank
SoC Freq: 750
SoC VDDMax: 760

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Thanks for the info. I’m in California with almost .30c per kw. I can’t afford to go above 100w per card. Here’s what I’m using to keep it down a bit.

I’ve tested new settings. About 6h mining and no issues. Try it out!

Update 2:
After a few more hours I got 4 invalid shares on one card. Turned down the clock on that card to 2220. We’ll see how it goes overnight.

the 6600 non XT is really hard to play with, i have one rig 6600 on TON and it crashes all the time if touch the VDD value. As long as i leave it at 0 then it can run, any numbers will crash the rig after 1-2 mins :roll_eyes:

Looks nice, the invalid hashes is a problem, has appeared to me too, not anymore.

I started with low core clock, around 2200 and a little higher VDD like 950. after start i reduced the power 10 or 20 per test until the system goes down. This way you know the VDD for the lower clock, after u can up the core clock step by step and when the system goes down u need to up de VDD a little, doing this you can reach the maximum clock with the lower power your GPU uses.

In the powercolor OC is higher, but i cant use the same on the ASRock