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RTX 3070 settings

Just received a new 3070 and was expecting at least 60MH/s. After some tweaking, this is the best I can get. Didn’t flash bios and running newer drivers on my nvidia cards. Any recommendations? Any concerns with my settings overall? My rig is SUPER stable which I’m very happy about. Cheers!

LHR 3070 is my guess. Try 1080 or 1124 for core clock instead of 65.

Hey, I’m aware of the silicon lottery but i can’t get anywhere near your results. If I may ask, what miner are you using?

Using your settings I’m sitting at 44MH/s with t-rex. Can’t seem to get past 45-46MH/s

These are the most efficient setting I have reached!

Ahh, I bet you have a non-LHR 3070 where mine is LHR

Yes, exactly. Its a founder edition

with miner, pleae?

thanks bro :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What memories?

I just noticed the strangest thing this morning. Basically in the last 12h my 3070 has gained about 10 Mh/s extra on t-rex.

Not sure if it is a display issue, since I find very hard to match eth mining to what the pool states. Though the pool has reached almost 6-8 Mh/s more at moments, but the average moves too much.

Don’t think it is a FHR, since it has always reported 47 Mh/s max, and haven’t upgraded drivers in a while. The other card (3060 ti) hasn’t shown this increase.

When I used to try higher lhr-tune values, it would usually drop to 74. Just checked and it shows 90! NINETY :slight_smile:

GPU #3: RTX 3070 - 56.40 MH/s, [LHR 90.0<>] [T:56C, P:116W, F:54%, E:495kH/W], 437/437 R:0% I:0%

My t-rex is rather normal, except it is dual mining.

User Config"devices": "0,3" "coin": "eth+zil" "gpu-init-mode": 1 "lhr-tune": "75"

User Config2"extra-dag-epoch": 0 "worker": "%WORKER_NAME%"

As if I wasn’t ecstatic about 90, it now shows 90.5 :astonished:

My first thought of disbelief was that it wasn’t mining, but seems to be doing work. However, it doesn’t seem to do more work than the other card and both always showed similar rates. Might not be true, but it is a sweet illusion :slight_smile:

GPU #0: RTX 3060 Ti - 46.28 MH/s, [LHR 74.5<>] [T:58C, P:113W, F:65%, E:402kH/W], 447/447 R:0% I:0%
GPU #3: RTX 3070    - 56.32 MH/s, [LHR 90.5<>] [T:57C, P:116W, F:52%, E:494kH/W], 443/443 R:0% I:0%
Hashrate: 102.60 MH/s, Shares/min: 1.132 (Avg. 1.408), Avg.P: 229W, Avg.E: 448kH/W                                                    
Max diff share was found by GPU #3, diff: 4.18 T                                                                                      
Uptime: 10 hours 32 mins 34 secs | Algo: ethash | T-Rex v0.24.8

keeps going and going

GPU #3: RTX 3070    - 56.64 MH/s, [LHR 91.0<>] [T:55C, P:115W, F:56%, E:501kH/W], 450/450 R:0% I:0%

This is wild

GPU #3: changing LHR tuning: 99.5 => 100.0                                                                          
GPU #3: target hashrate for unlocker - 52.05 MH/s                                                                   

Does seem to be actually working :confused: It did 22% more shares after it had reached 90% unlock

GPU #0: RTX 3060 Ti - 46.00 MH/s, [LHR 74.5<>]  [T:58C, P:113W, F:70%, E:397kH/W], 693/693 R:0% I:0%
GPU #3: RTX 3070    - 62.35 MH/s, [LHR 100.0<>] [T:57C, P:117W, F:55%, E:537kH/W], 745/745 R:0% I:0%
Hashrate: 108.35 MH/s, Shares/min: 1.667 (Avg. 1.393), Avg.P: 232W, Avg.E: 467kH/W                                                    
Max diff share was found by GPU #3, diff: 4.18 T                                                                                      
Uptime: 17 hours 12 mins 38 secs | Algo: ethash | T-Rex v0.24.8                              

I’m never restarting lol

dude set you cores to 1100 and remove PL completely

power usage is crazy high…

62-63 MH should be like 115 to 125watts