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RTX 3060 ti LHR overclock setting

try to use Lock Core Value… anything above 500 will be considered Lock Core and your consumption will drop further… start with 1000 and increase by 50 till you’ll find the sweat spot

Uhm, sorry, we were talking about TON :wink: with everything above 300 MHz Core the rig didn’t even started to work… I’ve already tried it with “the usual criminals” like 1500, 1000 and so on :smirk:

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Great job mate!

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You can exchange them here

Power limit is not useless on my LHR 60ti
Lhr cards act wierd.
I set my PL at 125 while using locked core at 1450, and i still get 44-45 mh.
If i remove power limit i get the same hashrate at higer watts. So why would i let it run no power limit.?

No, at Neocrypto for example you can just buy the coins, not sell… for me I found out to send the TONs to OKEx and sell them to USDT.

Was using T-rex miner for 10hours or so and didn’t seem too stable so I switched back to Nbminer and it seems like it is a lot more stable so far. I never typically would put my Memory OC past 2800 but had seen someone on this forum due it so I thought id test it on my cards as well. Seems to be doing well so far.

Please give me a Screenshot with the power limit mention the miner as well.

It didn’t work for me, I got Temp error “GPU driver error, no temps”

But it works very smoothly like below:

I actually put core to -402 and im getting better hash rates. PL 126.

Could you please share your OC settings on the hive panel, not the shell?
thank you

This is what i saw on youtube here memory on -2000 instead of a positive value


This for some reason does not work for me. You put those exact commands into extra config in flightsheet on t-rex right?

I have tuned it a little, but for the first time in months pool is showing average 24h hashrate higher than HiveOS.

Adjusted settings

“worker”: “%WORKER_NAME%”
“lhr-autotune-step-size”: “0.1”
“lhr-autotune-interval”: “60”

What are your results anyway?

I’ve seen this video and talked about it with CDM… changed my settings to minus 2000, but for an unknown reason my plus-settings are even more stable and a little bit faster ( better hashrate) :man_shrugging:

Do you now a place where I can exchange them to eth?

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Yes, I made a little How-To… :wink: take a look here!


hi 3060 ti lhr v2 unlock t-rex

Merhaba hangi miner kullanıyorsunuz ?

My 3060 ti Galax swings between 35mh to 43/44mh is that normal?
What can i do to improve my hashrate?