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Hive Login failed :( (Problem isn't my end)

Have been using HiveOS for nearly a year now but I can’t log in anymore.
I have nearly 1gh across 4 rigs (one of witch isn’t %100 at the moment)
My email and password are stored in Chrome and in Brave Browsers and they autofill like they always have but today my account or password is not found.
(( I have nearly $40 in credit and nothing has changed my end so the problem must be Hiveon ))

The pool shows the rigs are online and every thing else seems fine.

(( I hope this is just a server upgrade @ Hiveon or something but I need to report the issue anyway.
If it’s not running in 24 hours I’ll be back, kicking and screaming ))

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Same here. HiveOS login takes me to HiveOn login screen, which does not work.

Note from HiveOn: Can't log in - #2 by Bezik

scheduled maintenance today.

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Me as well. I am coming up on .2 ETH, so this better not be a sign of a complete shutdown.
I am tempted to start looking for other options - I like the web front end, but I am more than capable of switching all my rigs to Ubuntu and installing my own miners.
What else is out there similar to HIVEOS?

Why is there no Announcements sub-forum for this kind of thing? Why isn’t there a big header at the top of the main forum with an Announcement? Why aren’t all forum participants emailed prior to these maintenance events?

Looks like the system is working again. Considering the volatility of crypto coin and services, I sure wish I was getting alerted to these “maintenance” events.

are you not following the telegram/facebook/twitter pages? announcements/updates are always posted on multiple channels

No, I prefer to follow things here.

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if you want updates those are the places to watch/subscribe. the telegram notifications are probably the easiest to follow if you dont like social media.

facbook, twitter or telegram??? NO THANK YOU!

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you dont have to have an account to go to the twitter page either.

Also having trouble logging in, does this extend to the email verification as well?

check your emails spam folder

lol, I feel stupid. You are correct. Thank you

No, but i will do now, thanks :slight_smile:

question, why shoot everything when it had been working “correctly” for some time?
and what about the fees (10 workers for me) for the days when we have access to nothing and we cannot solve the problems ? especially since it crashes quite a bit with the heat these days, but impossible to adapt the OCs since you can’t login, and when you can, the changes are not saved.

ah, an other one, why the security code (when it’s send) goes to spam now (gmail)?

Hiveveryone! :wave:

:warning: Our services should be fully restored in the next couple of hours.

:closed_lock_with_key: If you face any authorization issues on iOS/Android, we recommend logging in to your account via your PC web browser instead. There’s an issue where you’re asked to log in (again) after a successful login attempt – we’re aware of this and will resolve it as soon as possible.

:construction: We recommend holding off on logging on to your account for a few hours until all systems are back to normal. We also advise not starting any work on your hardware during this period, as we cannot guarantee stable access to the system.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and truly appreciate your understanding! :honeybee:


Still down
Was hoping to join “The Grate Hashrate Migration” event today.

15 hours later and it’s still not working in PC browser. (android unaffected)
This is day 3 now.

“just a couple of hours” … 19 hours later and still invalid username/password.
Other people seem to be able to log in.