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Can't log in

with the new update, my e_mail can´t receve de code…

I know. It is so …
There is already couple posts about and still no respond from hiveos
Telegram is off as well- hive os dissapeard

If you looked at the telegram announcements you’d see this.

:construction: Scheduled maintenance

:warning: Maintenance work has been extended until May 12, 23:59 (GMT+3).

During this time, registering new users and modifying existing profiles will not be available.
The web interface may also be temporarily unavailable.

:warning: WARNING: We strongly recommend that you do not start any work on your hardware during this period, as we cannot guarantee stable access to the system.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Is mining still proceeding? Do we need to shutdown our equipment to be safe?

check your pool to confirm, the access to the dashboard doesnt have an impact on existing mining.

HiveOn is the only pool I use and I can’t log in there either.

What do you mean login? Just plug your address into the pools website.

Thanks! The URL pattern of<ETH wallet address with leading 0x>
works for me. Still mining just as you said. The number of Stale Shares has doubled today, but I assume that will correct following maintenance. I will keep an eye on it. Always accessed HiveOn from HiveOS in the past.
Appreciate the help.

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