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Hive Login failed :( (Problem isn't my end)

I have the same problem, but with my 2FA. My password is ok, but my 2FA doesn’t work since two days ago. I wrote to support, but not solution yet. I’m waiting for it.

Anyone with the same problem?

working fine on my (and many others) end. if its not in your spam folder, or you arent able to setup google authenticator from the app, send an email to [email protected] with your info/issue and they can get you sorted

Estou com o mesmo problema de acesso ao site hiveos. Eu não mudei nada e ele não aceita meu codigo 2FA do aplicativo authy. Solicitei troca de senha e não recebo nada. JA VERIFIQUEI A CAIXA DE SPAM.
Tento criar conta nova e não chega o email; eu utilizo email do Meu usuario é juliohegedus se puderem resetar a senha e enviar por email eu agradeço.

send an email to [email protected] with your issue/info

it almost working correctly today, but when I try to flash a card I’ve the “data error, retrying” error message and nothing is happening

hi. i am having issues logging in as well. i get the following error message “Unexpected error when handling authentication request to identity provider.” i also emailed [email protected] last night - haven’t heard anything yet (it’s the weekend so not surprised). worth noting that i had a 2fa setup already (google authenticator or similar) that wasn’t email. i’ve checked spam as well.

googling for the error message produces this result: saml - Keycloak "Unexpected error when handling authentication request to identity provider" - Stack Overflow which matches word for word. if it helps with debugging at all.

have you tried logging in from another device?

found out what the issue was. someone at bee@ replied. i tried deleting browser cache, that wasn’t it. so i reset my password and it turns out the password format i had and was using successfully in the past, didn’t work any more. so if you’re having login problems, you can reset your password here:

appreciate the replies and response. all set now!

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i lost my hiveon telegram and discord .
is it change or where the link so i can join back again

one week and still not working, a misery to flash a card, you have to re-identify every 5 minutes, emails with codes goes to spam,
“something went wrong” “error 520” “no data” etc… errors every times
damn, why the hell tweak things that “work”?

We transitioned from telegram to discord. What issue exactly are you having on the discord?

What is happening? I cant log in!!
Why do i always get logged out if i checked the "Remember me " box ???
The codes you send on my email either don’t arrive, arrive too late or most commonly don’t f-in work.
Resend code doesn’t work either. No, they are not in spam !
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i already found the answer, and i just read the announcement over telegram channel.
thx for assisting.

It isn’t even sending EMAIL codes and I can’t login anymore.

Confirm the action by adding the code sent to your email

Actually I had to go to GMAIL through my browser and tell GMAIL hiveos is not SPAM.

yep… and when i get to login my farm errors out.

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