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6700xt General Discussion

Thanks man. Do you think you can send me a link to download the Sapphire version 113-D5121100-O04 bios? I can’t find it anywhere.

yes stable

nbminer v.40.1
hiveos [email protected]

which miner?

team red miner

Team red miner
This is the best hashrate / less watts I manage to achive. Work for these three different cards.


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Hi there, I see you have a mother with B450 bios, have you been able to use M2 slots? Thanks a lot!!

Does your reported hashrate fluctuate much? I can’t seem to get my Mech 2s to run stable reported hash.

Help needed :slight_smile:

is this normal? Reported hashrate is fluctuating between 278.9 to 281.1 so there is a 3 MH drop/increase every few minutes.

With an unidentified GPU#6? All kinds of things might be happening. Be happy it seems stable.

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I don’t know but you can flash it only to cards with Micron memories, it consumes a lot more watts compared to the one with Samsung with smae settings. Still to figure out how to oc the cards with Micron memories efficently

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that didn’t work… lowering that core voltage that low causes problems.

all kinds a things can be happening there. I just picked up my second 6700xt and the system is just like, " nope! blah blah blah, I aint doin’ it boss." be glad you have some stability.


@Bennabianas My reported hashrate seems stable with 0.2-0.4 MH fluctuation

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Does anyone have stable settings below 90 watts for the RX 6700 XT reference card from Sapphire Radeon nitro+?
Thanks in advance.

I ended up replacing the Ryzen 5 CPU with an Athlon which allowed me to disable the integrated graphics. Hash is stable now but rig keep crashing every once in a while. I am working on figuring out the sweet spot for the rig.

Hear that, good luck with the final tweaks. It appears you are close. The crash details can assist in the trouble shooting. Hoping you are running on SSD, have persistent logging enabled, etc.

several people have already shared oc for the 6700 under 90W. Basically depends on your card, but this is what I have for mine. Guess you can try lower voltages, and see if your card likes them

Which miner is this?