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6700xt General Discussion

i know big navi support added to hiveos and 6800,6800xt and 6900 xt are working fine.

as you know tomorrow 6700xt will be released and i preordered 3 of them hoping getting 47-48 m/h.

so does big navi support includes 6700xt and other cards will be releasing under “big navi” series or should wait for update for 6700xt compatibility.


I have a 6700 Xt drivers not in hive, I even re-flashed latest build, How can we manually install?

6700xt is not supported by hiveos for now cause it lacks linux drivers. It only works in windows. Hope devs find a way to update the drivers in near future.

Looks like linux drivers were released yesterday.

AMD drivers should only be installed with hiveos image update

How do you install driver update with image from hiveos

Wait till the devs release a new HiveOS update

Ok thanks

any word on the update for support of the rx6700?

Got my 6x 6700XT today, can’t wait to get them mining! :smiley:

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Also really keen to know :slight_smile:

Any news ? :eyes:

Any news???

on discord, it’s been said that they’re working on an alpha version of hiveos that will support 6700s but they dont know estimated release date.

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Bump this please, running Windows sucks hard compared to HiveOS.
We need support for RX6700XT really bad :sweat_smile:


yeah, am also sitting on my card wanting it to mine :I

So the update came and went… [email protected]

still no dice, even though it said:

  • TeamRedMiner v0.8.1.1 (added support RX 6700 XT)

I’m still getting the all too familiar OpenCL error in TRM.

Is there any alternative to hiveos for rx 6700 xt cards?

TRM + new amdgpu v5.9.0325 kernel module + OCL 20.40


Which amd card? And how?

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