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6700xt General Discussion

6700 XT Reference. I found a sweet spot for my needs. Mem temp was ridiculous if I don’t have external fans blasting to it. So this is my solution. I am happy with 3mhs less but way better efficiency.



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Have anyone tried 6700 XT with AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPU and X570 motherboard? Is there any chance of increasing the hashrate? is there any advantage of the SAM in mining? Please share your experience.

As far as I know there is a huge increase in hashrate with 6800 by using 5000 series CPU + X570 or B550 Motherboard…

it’s not enough to update? need to reinstall all again?

yes, reinstall

Yeah, like download new stabile mirror HiveOS, flash to USB or SSD, then you can do updates to that if need be, but until this you wont see correct listing of GPU in HiveOS.

download from:

I reinstalled by Shell with the command hive replace list, I chose the last stable option, restart and done

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Well Done! Works for me!!! Sapphire Nitro+ RX 6700 XT 12gb.

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Hashrate? Overclock?Power?

Just to confirm that a fresh re-install of a stable version from helped…

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hi guys…
im using binance pool and NBMiner. look stable today.


Hi Guys!
Here is my results:

Any idea for soc settings?

Hi guys, I recently added a 6700 XT to my rig. Its been running for 36 hours and it produced 10 invalid shares, along this time I’ve tweaked the OC settings but until now I wasnt able to stop the invalid shares. I started with 1300 core, 1075 memory, and got 45-47mh/s. I’m also getting a high percentage of stale valid shares, which I don’t remember getting before the 6700 XT was added to the rig. I’m using Phoenixminer - the stales only appear on the miner console, as shown in the picture, they do not appear in either HiveOS or Ethermine, but they do seem to be influencing my effective speed as it should be higher by about 10mhs than it currently is. Does anyone have a suggestion on how can I stop the invalid and stale shares? Is there a log or a mean of checking which GPU is producing stale shares?

Hi. Try remove all VDD/VDDCI/MVDD settings.
Also use Team red miner for 6700xt. There stable hash rate and there not so much stale and invalid shares. Also little advice, you cards is HOT… and i dont mean “look hot”. In Autofan set up minimal 60% speed. for a wile… And max 80-90% for temp memory over 85 degrees. Hope it help!)


Hi) waz that problem too on Phoenix. Try to TeamRedMiner. And also try do not use ssl connection too.

Gminer v2.53, 35 hours online, no rejects/invalid shares


after 4 updates and 2 reinstallations my saphire 6700xt still doesn’t work
some help?

Hi ,
I have Radeon RX 6700xt, Samsung, Gigabyte

but even with today stable H build ([email protected])
Im getting 21M.

With stock setting (no OC) - 21M
With mem 1075, still 21M
with core 1300, mem 1075 I got freeze within 1 minute.

Tried PhoenixMiner, and TeamRedMiner.

Strage that bios is still xxx.
Any tips, command (for kernel or driver update)?

5.4.0-hiveos #108 · H 0.6-203 · A 20.40
0 0a:00.0 Radeon RX 6700/6700 XT 12272 MB (xxx-xxx-xxx)   55°C  76°C    0 %   72 W

=== GPU 0, 0a:00.0 Radeon RX 6700/6700 XT 12272 MB ===
  Bios: xxx-xxx-xxx
  Core: 500 MHz 881mV, Mem: 1073 MHz
  PerfCtrl: manual, Load: 99%, MemLoad: 20%, Power: 73.0 W, Cap: 186 W
  Core: 56°C, HotSpot: 59°C, Mem: 78°C, Fan: 0%, RPM: 0
  Core state: 0, clocks: 500* 500
  Mem  state: 3, clocks: 96 456 675 1073*
  SOC  state: 1, clocks: 480 1200*
  DCEF state: 1, clocks: 417 960* 1200
  F    state: 1, clocks: 500 1941*
  PCIE Link speed:n/a, PCIE Link width:n/a
  Memory total: 12272.00 MB, used: 4495.38 MB, free: 7776.62 MB, type: Samsung GDDR6

gigabyte eagle? random people with this cards talking about low hashrate… seems there some problem with this version of 6700XTs.
look at “Bios: xxx-xxx-xxx” - maybe problem hides here