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3080 OC Settings + Underperforming Cards

These are absolute core clock settings for the different series cards. Use those ranges.

I purchased 1mm thermal pads and redid the stock RTX 3080 ones. It looked like it wasn’t going to work with 1mm as the hashrate dropped to ~50 Mh/s however doubling up them to 2 mm was successful! That card is hashing in line with my other 3080 cards now.

Thank you very much!

Dual mine, then you can do 2 separate miners.

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Hah, i dont know why i didnt do it long time ago
I just set the rig to dualmine ETH
Just the 3060 on lolminer
And the rest cards on Trex
I am gaining almost 10mh and better temps!


What you get for hash and watts on the 3060?

38mh stable

Hi everybody,
My 3080 has often a problem “hung détected” and stop to mine. Any solution for that ?


Could you solve the “under performing” card issue?
I also have the problem, when one of my cards stuck at 1300 MHz memory clock. (Can’t set above, or crash…)
If you could solve your issue, would you please share your solution?


what miner ?


Which MSI model do you have?


any suggestions it drives me crazy the first 2 cards

what are you mining? if eth, try 1060 for core instead of -502

Your thermal throttling, most likely.

i am getting this right now

The 2 Gigabyte cards are Thermal throttling.
Change thermal pads.

Try lowering the memory oc to 1000 or 500. Even 0. Does hashrate improve? You very well could be thermal throttling the cards which is directly related to the memory temperature which is not the same as the displayed temperature. Its also odd to me tho that the cards are staying at 199 and 190w…how are you powering the cards? What kind of power supply

i have one main 1200watts and one 850watts to help all cards are changed cooling pads

is there any way that the risers do the job?

thank you for your help

I’m no expert I’ve only worked on my own machine. Its hard to say without seeing your rig…here are many questions and things you can consider. Are your first two cards connected to a different power supply than the others? And are your risers connected to the same power supply as the card they’re connected to? You definitely want them to be. Are you powering them with molex cables? In sequence or individually? What confuses me is the low power draw of those cards, if you could increase that power I think you’d see increased performance from the cards. I also keep my fans running at 90 or 95%, all day. You want to keep your power supply below 80% power draw of its max…though it seems you have more than enough power.

If you haven’t tried yet I would lower the memory oc of those cards to 0 and see what happens.

can anyone give me OC setting for RTX 3080 LHR