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3080 OC Settings + Underperforming Cards

for anyone that still need OC settings this are mine. i get 101MH at around 220w on the 3080

What kind of PSU and MB and Miner u used

Hola, las 3070 y 3080 son sin LHR para alcanzar esos valores de MHs?

hi ihave same problem , above 1300 crash and from 900 to 1350 stable
i try to flash bios and flashed, but same results, i dont have any thermal issues at all, and my psu is EVGA 1300Watt
If you found a solution , please inform us here , thank you

have you tried to set up the power limit to see if you get any improvement?

yes , if your mean is change PL in custom ranges , yes i did it, but no improvement. i think its hardware, and bad silicon lottery for mining

Watercooled Aourus 3080 105mhs

Is this card non lhr ?

Are these 3080 non lhr ?

Donde compraste las almohadillas para la 3080 tenes las medidas que lleva. Gracias

all of them are NON LHR

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core 1070
memory 2400
pl 230-235 (depends if u set 230 and card pulls 229, you can set 235)
around 100 mh

Wow, so many people here can do 100+

My shit MSI Gaming Trio X can only do 91-93ā€¦

Hi All I have issue with 3080 MSI cards.
They are underpreforming and I do not have idea how to corect it.
All other runs fine.

Any ideas?

driver - 510.60.02
nbminer latest ver
core clock 1060-1100
mem - 2300-2350

i am getting 99.5mh and good temps

Good luck

MSI card is pissedshit.
need update bios to better vendor example EVGA bios