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3080 OC Settings + Underperforming Cards

I have a rig of 8x 3080s. 4 of them I have running (in hiveos figures) @ -150 core/2800 mem/230 PL. This gets me 102 mh/s and I’m quite pleased with these results. However the 4 other cards cannot handle these OCs. 2 of them can’t handle a memory clock above 1300.

One of the 1300-limited cards is an EVGA FTW3…while other FTW3s in the rig are running at 2800. I am simply learning as I go. I don’t know how wattage can affect stability, if I want to push above 230 in any case, what normal ranges are for wattage (my anchor has been 225-230). I believe thermal throttling as a result of high temps in the memory junction may be responsible for the low performing cards. Is this all I can attempt to raise these hashrates?

I’m also curious what others have pushed their 3080s to, upper limit wise. I’m just looking for a discussion on all things 3080 as well as some help regarding my specific situation. Good luck, miners.

Newest settings after using absolute core clock values. Still have underperforming cards but I’ve shaved off 100w which is great. Lost only ~1.2 mh/s.

However I am encountering occasional mh falloffs…in shellinabox I will often see this concomitant with an “unable to get fan speed” error (999). Does anyone have experience with this issue? Is it a riser problem, thermal junction issue, drivers, card specific? Thanks for any help or thoughts.

The same is happening to me Killo, no solution in sight I been searching for days, in my case I have a mixed rig (3070, 3090 and 3080) and don’t know the offending CPU that is causing the driver crash :frowning:

For what is worth, I just flashed the RTX 3080 Gaming OC Bios with their latest, If you want to flash on HiveOS is very simple, you can download the BiOS here (This is for your ASUS Gaming OC only VGA Bios Collection: Asus RTX 3080 10 GB | TechPowerUp
and follow this guide:

Alternatively you can move your card to a windows machine and download the BioS EXE that from ASUS: TUF-RTX3080-O10G-GAMING|Graphics Cards|ASUS USA

I don’t know if this will fix my problem (NVidia driver crashing), hashrate hasn’t change for me since Bios was updated:



I Don’t recommend downloading the EXE from ASUS to just extract the bios and apply on hive, is compressing multiple Bios files for different cards and is not clear to me which one is for the Gaming OC

try 1100 and 2980 with PL240 but it stays 227W i run on Gigabyte with 102.9

Ok, here are few things I tried that have worked for me.

I got 3 Gigabyte 3080 Gaming OC, two with bios of and one with bios

Two of the 3080 with the same bios worked perfectly out of box for two weeks no problem clocking around 98Mh/s, then started to thermal throttle down to 80-85MH and weren’t using the 230 PL I set. Was only using around 200W. Changed 2mm thermal pads for both front and back, now its back to normal clocking 98MH/s for a week.
The other 3080 with BIOS ending in 4D is the one causing my rigs to restart all the times. Changed thermal pads just like two other 3080, and it still won’t go over 93Mh or 1300 for mem. Can’t recognize Fan speed, no GPU temp and can’t apply OC settings and all sort of errors if I put Mem above 1300Mhz. I have also noticed that this GPU could not flash BIOS for some reason. I have first saved the original BIOS and tried to flash it, it failed. Then I tried to flash other two good card’s BIOS, it failed as well.

My conclusion is to try to find the cards that’s causing the issue and set the Mem OC low, probably 900-1300. Then if its working and not restarting or giving you errors in miner terminal, try to flash its original BIOS and see if that works. If it doesn’t, it probably just means its one of the defect or bad cards like mine. Set it to low Mem rate and call it a day.


One other tip I got from my friend is to do a power shutoff and reboot with no OC settings. Let it run for 10-20miutes with no issues, then apply OC settings in one go and see if that works. Set a Delay for the OC profile, so next time your rig restarts, it will have 30-60s of delay before applying OC settings

Hope this will help someone, please report back here if it works.

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Guys, i got like 2 months old EVGA and its driving me nuts!
it was running fine - 94-95 mhs and not bad temp
i got another Palit 3080 which is much better
so - here is the problem - EVGA is going crazy now like i said - not its dropping to a 90mh and i tried like 20 different settings! - miner is crashing (lolminer) and i know its not the best miner - but i am using it because i got one 3060 and i wanted to utilize the hashrate unlock with lolminer
I know i can do better in Trex or other - but i will lose the hasrate on 3060
i got 2 options the way i see it

  1. Switch to lets say Trex, and i think it will be running good
  2. Stay on lol miner and make peace with the low hash rate…
    somebody to give me an advise?
    or stable settings, for good temp and running the card stable
    and finally, if i run the 3060 on the pci slot on the mobo - can i unlock the hasrate on Hiveos on different miner than lolminer?


I have a brand new 3080 Nvidia model (Not LHR) and the hashrate is sitting at 78~. I have tried multiple settings but when I boost the memory or power limit, the hashrates of my other cards decreases or the rig goes unstable. I have a 1500w power supply and I’m only pulling 950w. Not sure what this could be. Ant ideas???

Did you ever find a solution for this? I have a Founders Edition 3080 also running at 79 - 87 depending on room temps but never above 87 Mh/s. I also have 5 other of the exact same cards on the same rig that all run without any issues at 97. I can’t make sense of it at all!

My FTW3 3080
1060 core
2275 -2300memory
0 power limit.
Do not do 0 power limit until you apply absolute core first, Or just do it at the same time.
Im getting 99.4 MH at 215 watts Max.
I keep my core temp set to 50c using auto fan.

Most likely Thermal throttling. You need to change the thermal pads. Ftw3 evgas might be the only 3080 you dont need to change thermal pads.
What are you running for OCs?

All 6 of my 3080 cards are running with core = -200 and memory = 2000 with a power limit of 225. Bios is the same for all 6 cards.

Thermal throttle.
Id still run the settigs i suggested. Youll get 10 watts lower power

Sigh. Ok, I guess I’ll buy thermal pads. I was hoping it wasn’t the case and I was missing something since all the cards are the same.

What brand and model?

If you try running in windows and use winInfo, you can see the Memory junction temps. It will say if its thermal throttling.

Cool, I’ll try pulling the card from HiveOS and checking it out in Windows next. They Nvidia 3080 Founders Edition cards.

OP here. So I’ve resolved the major instability issue plaguing my cards. It seems I was drawing too much power and pushing my psu’s very close to 80% of their total wattage limit…in my case I was 30w below the 80% mark. Currently for the highperforming cards I’m at 1060 core/2500 mem…this keeps the cards drawing 210~W give or take. For the underperforming cards I leave them at 1060/0. The stability is so so worth sacrificing 10 mh/s. I haven’t tried replacing thermal pads for the underperforming cards yet but may.

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Id be hesitant to be over 2400mem on any 3080, gotta watch your memory junction temps on 3080s.
And when you talk about stability, what exaclty are you talking about?