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How to start mining on Hiveon BTC Pool

What is the Hiveon BTC Pool?

BTC Pool is a new mining pool integrated into the Hiveon mining ecosystem. By joining the Hiveon Bitcoin Pool, you will get consistent payouts, community support, and many other perks regardless of your farm size.

Hiveon BTC Pool Advantages

Wherever you are — the United States, Europe, or Asia — there’s a Hiveon server waiting for you. You can connect to servers worldwide or use a single pool address and let Hiveon automatically pick the nearest server for each of your miners.

Mining with Hiveon BTC Pool also means:

  • 2.5% pool fee.
  • FPPS reward type.
  • 0.005 BTC minimum payout threshold.
  • 0% transaction fees (all covered by Hiveon).
  • Free use of Hiveon OS till August 1, 2023 (for ASIC miners who don’t use Hiveon ASIC Firmware).

For details on how to add an ASIC miner to Hiveon OS, see this tutorial.

BTC Pool Set up in Hiveon OS

To tap into all the Pool perks, you need to create a Hiveon account here. Once you’ve done it, you’re all set to follow the steps below and start hiving BTC (aka mining with the Hiveon BTC Pool).

Step 1: Create a Flight Sheet

Log into your Hiveon OS account and go to the Flight Sheets tab. Here, in the Coin field, select BTC.


The information for Wallet, Pool, and Miner fields will be filled in automatically based on your Hiveon OS account details. So if you’re new to Hiveon OS, don’t be shy to fill them out and introduce yourself to the system.

Next, come up with the name for this Flight Sheet. Are you more of a straightforward “BTC Hiveon” or an artistic “Stacking Sats 4life”? Pick your side and click Create Flight Sheet.

Step 2: Apply the Flight Sheet to your worker

You can do it in either of two ways.

Option 1: Go to the Workers tab, choose a specific worker, and then go to the Flight Sheets tab in the rig’s menu. Click the rocket icon in the top right corner.


Option 2: Go to the Workers tab and select the checkboxes on the left side of the ASIC miners you’ve chosen.

Click the rocket icon, and you will see a window with the number of your chosen workers and a full list of your Flight Sheets. Select the created Flight Sheet and click Apply.

Then you will see a message saying that the command was sent to the worker (or workers). In a few seconds, your rigs will apply the changes, and you will see the Config message in the activity logs.

Connect to BTC Pool via server

You can connect to the BTC Pool using a server address. All you need to do is specify the following address in your ASIC miner settings:

  • stratum+tcp://btc.hiveon.com:4444
  • stratum+tcp://btc.hiveon.com:8888
  • SSL port number: 20443

As you can see, configuring your devices to start mining with Hiveon BTC Pool and generating revenue takes just a few steps. If launching space rockets was this easy, we’d probably have renewable energy derived from moondust by now.

However, in case you still have any questions or feel lost along the way, go ahead and drop a line to our customer support team at [email protected]