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Worker vanished

I had two workers until yesterday with a total of 5 gpu’s.

Yesterday the rig with 3 gpus disapeared. I know that it is still Mining clore because on the Mining pool the 2 workers are there, but i cant acess the missing One.

What happened?

Farm access sharing now requires a personal tier farm (paid farm) you can read more here: Hive billing

As many users were creating multiple farms and sharing access back and forth to circumvent the old tier billing structure, this ensures fair usage for everyone.

The users that were sharing their farms can enable “Paid features” in the billing tab to enable shared farm access and 180 days stats, their rigs will be billed at the standard personal tier rates, ranging from $0.50/month to $3/month per worker, see the rig cost breakdown also in that link above for more info.

My account was locked by the administrator.

Lost the other worker after i payed 12 usdt for balance

sorry i don’t quit understand, can you elaborate.
was it locked for failure to pay?
what happened to the account with $12 balance?

This is what Im getting

I Lost One rig on match 11st, after that i put 12 usdt on the remaing rig. One hour after that i was blocked

Here its a screenshoot when i payed the 12 usdt on the remaing rig

understood, please email [email protected] or chat on for support to look into the cause

I’ve already send and email when the first worker disapeared. Waiting for the replay

please check your spam folder