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Hiveon OS billing: pricing conditions


  • 2 workers or less are free no matter how many cards are installed on them.

This change benefits GPU users by offering 2 free workers regardless of the number of cards and doesn't have any coin/pool restrictions

  • the cost for rigs with fewer than 6 cards will proportionally drop

Previously, each GPU rig cost $3/month, regardless of the number of GPUs. With this update, we will proportionally scale down the price for rigs with fewer than 6 cards, ranging from $3/month to $0.50/month. Users with 6 or more cards will be charged at the basic price of $3/month.

Price for users with fewer than 6 cards/rig:

GPU rigs $/month per rig
1 card rigs $0.50
2 $1.00
3 $1.50
4 $2.00
5 $2.50
6+ card rigs $3.00

A case equipped with 12 AMD BC-250 cards will be billed at $0.50/month each.


$0.50/month per CPU-only rig

There is no additional charge for users who wish to mine with their CPU on any tier GPU rig. CPU rigs alone will be billed at $0.50/month on the personal tier.

ASIC miners

With Hiveon firmware, Hiveon OS remains FREE and is not counted toward the total number of workers subject to payment. ASICs connected via Hiveon ASIC Hub will be billed at $2/month.

Tariff packages

The fee for utilizing Hiveon OS varies depending on the chosen tariff package. These packages are differentiated by the maximum number of workers supported and the range of services included. Upgrading to a higher-tier package happens automatically, while users can manually deactivate paid features from the Billing tab if desired.

Features updates for free farms

  • Access to free farms: free farms will no longer have the ability to share access to multiple users, streamlining access and ensuring fair usage policies.

What does this mean: If you previously accessed a farm from another account, this function will be restricted.

  • API Access will now be limited to paid farms only.

These updates are designed with your needs in mind, aiming to provide a fair and transparent pricing structure while ensuring access to the resources you require for successful mining operations.

Changes to usage calculation

Tariffication is transitioning from 5-minute calculations to daily calculations for usage billing. This adjustment will not impact the payment amount, as it will remain consistent with the terms outlined in the pricing above.

Tariffication in Hiveon OS

Hiveon OS operates on a prepaid basis. To access more than two free workers or utilize paid features with a free account, a deposit is required.

Deposit can be minimal, there is no need to prepay the entire month. You can deposit even $1.

Workers are billed every day, not on a monthly basis.

Tariffication is transitioning from 5-minute calculations to daily calculations for usage billing.

If the worker has been disabled, it is not taken into account, you do not need to deactivate it in the interface to stop billing for it.

Please note! If we notice fraudulent actions with tariffication made by a user, the bill will be issued in full.

Paying for the system: deposits

Hiveon OS accepts only cryptocurrency. There are several ways to pay for Hiveon OS:

  • to your personal ERC20 or BEP20 networks stablecoins address generated in your account (we support USDT, USDC, TUSDT, and DAI via ERC20 or BEP20 networks). Detailed information can be found here.
  • using a payment gateway Coinpayments (we accept BTC, LTC). Detailed information can be found here.
  • at the cost of referral rewards (read below in the “Referral system” section).

Dev Fee of Hiveon ASIC

With Hiveon ASIC firmware, there is no charge for using Hiveon OS, and such ASICs are not counted in the total number of devices for calculating payments. However, they are taken into account to get a discount on the number of devices. The firmware has a dev fee from 1.8% to 3%, depending on the ASIC model.


Since the Hiveon OS balance is a prepaid system, no refunds or withdrawals are available. You can transfer funds between users and farms, but there is no withdrawal option.

Referral system

You have the opportunity to invite friends and your audience to Hiveon OS and earn money from it – receiving 10% of the fees paid by every referral you bring in for using Hiveon OS.

Detailed information regarding the referral system can be found here


Discounts apply to the total number of workers in the farms you own. For example, Farm1 has 40 and Farm2 has 20 workers, the discount will be calculated based on the total of 60 workers (40+20).

You can learn more about discounts and bonuses here.

ASICs have a different base price and are cheaper than GPU rigs because there are not as many functions compared to rigs. Workers with Hiveon ASIC Firmware are not charged and can use Hiveon OS for free.


If your farm incurs a debt starting from $1, you have a grace period of 5 days to rectify it. During this time, your workers will continue their tasks despite the negative balance. However, if the debt remains unresolved after 5 days, access to the farm will be suspended, halting the mining process. Any negative balance will be automatically settled upon making a new deposit.

User and farm balance

For more convenient money management, farms have their own balances. You can deposit to your account and then replenish the balance of a particular farm. If the farm balance is 0, the user's balance will be charged automatically, so you will not need to worry about the direct replenishment of your farm.

There is a button on the billing page that you can use to activate paid features. The list of paid features includes SSL worker connection, monthly stats, etc. As new features are implemented, the list will be updated here.

Being a free user, you can support the project and benefit from using the paid features.


You can set another user to be responsible for depositing the farms that you own. This user may be your financial manager, for example. This requires the Monitor level of access.

  • Terms used

    Mining - calculations made by a device for mining cryptocurrencies.

    Cryptocurrency - is a type of digital electronic money that is used as an alternative to national currencies.

    Worker - a device connected to Hiveon OS to display statistics, monitor and manage the mining process.

    The following devices can be connected to Hiveon OS: CPU rigGPU rigASIC.

    CPU rig - a device with no more than one video card, the cryptocurrency mining is performed by the central processor or processors without the participation of video cards.

    GPU rig - a device containing one or more video cards used for cryptocurrency mining.

    ASIC - a specialized device designed for cryptocurrency mining.

    Farm - a set of workers united by or without a specific attribute.

    Hiveon ASIC - a series of firmware for various ASIC models developed for using ASIC with Hiveon OS. This firmware has additional features compared to the stock options. Moreover, you don’t have to pay for Hiveon OS when using it.

    Free account - an account with 2 workers (under certain conditions), excluding ASIC with Hiveon firmware.

    Paid account - an account with a total of 3 or more workers, excluding ASIC with Hiveon firmware.


How many free workers are included now?

2 workers are free without any restrictions or limitations. After 3 workers, you pay for all based on the number of GPUs that are connected.

Will there be any changes to how ASIC miners on ASIC Hub are charged?

Nope, ASIC miners on ASIC Hub will still be $2 per month, per device. ASIC with Hiveon firmware are not charged, however they do count toward the total number of workers.

Is there any limitation on how many GPUs can be on a motherboard?

Nope, there are no software limitations on how many GPUs you can have on your workers.

What happens if I have more than two workers on my account already?

The billing procedure will be updated according to the new policy.

Example: If you have 5 rigs, 1 with 12 cards, 1 with 4 cards, 1 with 5 cards, 1 with 2 GPUs, and 1 testing with 1 card - you will be charged $3 + $2 + $2.50 + $1.00 + $0.50 per month, for a total of $9 per month. Previously, this would have been $15 per month.

What are the benefits for users?

A more detailed and fair billing system for users with fewer than 6 GPUs on a rig, while still being valuable to workers with more than 6 GPUs. You will only be paying for what you use, as opposed to a flat rate.

Is it possible to include multiple users to access my workers?

If you enable paid features or start paying for your rigs after reaching at least 3 rigs

How can I switch my plan?

You can only switch your plan if you have 1 or 2 workers and want to use paid features. Once you reach 3 workers, you will be switched automatically to the paid plan.

Can I pay for Hiveon OS monthly?

No, Hiveon OS is a prepaid system. Refill the balance with the amount that you want to pay now and use it until the time of the next refill. You can refill monthly too, whatever is comfortable.

What is your refund policy?

Hiveon OS is a prepaid system, no refunds or withdrawals are available. You can transfer funds between users and farms, but there is no withdrawal option. For more details see our terms of use.

When and how often is the account billed?

Your account is billed every day at 04:00 UTC

What payment methods do you accept?

Hiveon OS accepts only cryptocurrency. There are several ways to pay:

  1. to your personal ERC20 Stablecoins address generated in your account (we support USDT, USDC, TUSD)
  2. using a payment gateway Coinpayments 2.0k (we accept BTC, BEAM, ETC, LTC, XMR, XRP)
  3. at the cost of referral rewards: you can invite your audience to Hiveon OS, and make 10% of what every referral you bring pays for using Hiveon OS. Detailed information regarding the referral system can be found here

Why does the daily payment for Hiveon OS differ from month to month?

To simplify the explanation, let's assume that all rigs in the farm contain 6 cards in each rig and according to the tariff plan, the price is indicated for a calendar month - 3 USD / month for such 1 rig. Charging takes place daily, on the next day based on the number of active rigs.

Historically, the number of days in a month is not the same, so the amount of daily charge also differs from month to month.

Example: February 2024 has 29 days, so the daily payment for 1 rig is $3/29 days = $0.103. Accordingly, for 6 rigs the total amount of payment will be $0.62 per day. The next month, March has 31 days and, accordingly, the daily payment will be 0.58.

The new billing model cases are explained:

  • We've got some questions on the updated pricing conditions, so here's the detailed explanation.
  • First and foremost, every hiver on the paid tier running GPU rigs with 5 or fewer GPU cards will pay less, not more. As simple as it is. From 6 cards to infinity and beyond, the price remains $3.

Before: 10 x 8-card GPU rigs = $30 per month 10 x 5-card GPU rigs = $30 per month 10 x 3-card GPU rigs = $30 per month After: 10 x 8-card GPU rigs = $30 per month 10 x 5-card GPU rigs = $25 per month 10 x 3-card GPU rigs = $15 per month

  • Every hiver on the paid tier running CPU rigs alongside GPU ones can combine them. Add a GPU card to a CPU rig and run this setup for $0.50, while now it costs $3.

Before: 8 x 1-CPU rigs = $2.40 per month 1 x 8-card GPU rigs = $3 per month After: 8 x 1-CPU rigs with 1 GPU card = $4 per month

  • Keeping the free tier with 2 workers is our way of showing that small miners will always be able to use Hiveon OS for $0, even while we all know that quality comes at a price.

After the update, there will be no restrictions on coins/pools when mining on the free tier.

  • The multi-access to/from free-tier farms is limited to ensure fair usage policies. Now, cloning accounts will be even harder, eliminating the unfair situations when users created and operated multiple free farms while hivers with the same amount of workers were paying for the OS.