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Woke up to 2 burnt out gpus

hello i have been using the same rig same oc setting for weeks last night at 2am (while i was sleeping)
all off my oc settings where changed to different gpus resulting in 2 burnt gpus how/why and what the hell

Are you using the Autofan function? Will shut rig down if things get too hot. Not sure how well this works however. FWIW.

ya had shut off at 80 on all cards

what gets me is how did my oc settings change from one card to another

What cards and ocs are you running? Sounds like you aren’t using locked core clocks?

Oc is applied based on the card location, so if you unplug a card (or if it dies fully) it’s oc can be applied to the next card in the list, but you shouldn’t have any ocs that will cause other cards to fail as long as you are using locked clocks and have your watchdog set etc etc.

i had 2 nvidia cards oc using nbminer and 6 amd 570s unclocked using teamred and when i woke up they where all changed

none of the cards had moved location

also my nvidia cards where first in line

I notice on my rigs, if one card crashes, it reboots and the overclocks get mixed up. Not an issue if all the cards are the same, but I have 6 x 6600XT’s and 1 x 6600 in this rig.
ETA: above happens if one of the cards stays dead. I have one card that acts up once in a while. I wish the Hashrate Watchdog had the “Shutdown & Boot In 30 S” option.

Can you post a screenshot of your workers overview tab?

i just put them all back in

still missing 1 card

you can see where my hashrate dropped last night

You need to set proper ocs for all cards, don’t continue to run them at default settings, that’s terrible for the cards.

Test the card that’s not showing up by itself directly on the motherboard

they where all oc i havent set them back up yet i took them all out to find the broken card

I have had stuff like this happen to me also and can be dangerous on rigs with mixed cards.

I just made a feature request to allow defining OC’s by GPU device ID instead of by the PCI hardware order.

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