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Feature request: Define overclocks by GPU device ID instead of by hardware PCI order

This feature request is to tie particular overclock settings to a particular GPU. There have been many times with the order of my cards change for various reasons and it is annoying and error prone to constantly reshuffle the order of my overclock settings. It can also be potentially dangerous on rigs with mixed cards.

I see in GPU-Z that there is a Device ID field that shows the PCI vendor and the device id of the GPU. This would be perfect for basing overclocks on.

I bet some code could be written to keep a table of user defined OC’s for each GPU by device id, then on startup (or a hardware change like a card dies), HiveOS scans the connected cards and match’s the user defined OC’s to each connected card based on the GPU device id. Obviously under the hood the OC’s still need to be applied by GPU order but HiveOS could translate Device ID to GPU order transparently for the user.

A step further, the OC clock for each card could have a default OC, then a more specific OC for each mining algorithm. Just like the OC templates have now.

I think this would be a great competitive advantage for HiveOS.

I would try coding this myself but I think Hive is closed source.

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Yes, that would be a cool feature

Yes please!

Or better yet, a way to add notes to each PCIe Lane. Not only do I find scenarios where I swap cards around, but also find end up taking notes in Excel as I troubleshoot. Would be nice to do it all within Hive

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