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Will RTX 3060 (non-Ti) work in HiveOS?

I bought a Gigabyte RTX 3060 card before it’s even out. I don’t know how the shop had it, but I have it in my hands. Proof:

Windows 10 doesn’t detect it, not even in a RTX 3060 Ti / RTX 3070 mining rig that already has up-to-date nVidia drivers.

There are no drivers to download from the nVidia site for RTX 3060.

My question is - if I boot HiveOS from USB, will this card be detected, will it work? I assume HiveOS also doesn’t yet have drivers for this card.

So did you try it? Is the RTX 3060 nonti working with hiveos?

I have three 3060s (no Ti), not found by HiveOS.

Got it working, run this: nvidia-driver-update


how is your hashrate?

How is your hashrate and overclocking settings ?

25mhs, starts around 45mhs before the limit kicks in.

You should probably mine using HiveOS have you tried?

on Windows?

I have the same hasrate - about 25mhs, MSI RTX 3060 12Gb, its starting about 40 and going down to 22-25. Drivers 460.56

Mój kopie jak zły na hivo os :smiley:


Bardzo fajnie :slight_smile:

But, is the ethereum mining hashrate stable? What version of hiveos / nvidia drivers do you user? Did you try underclocking/undervolting? How hight is the power draw at the wall?

Dziekuje / Thanks!

What driver? Stable?
Please share your solution.

Please help to do the same! I have 2 cards works on NanoMiner on 42 mh/s but for 30 seconds only and after that only 26 mh. What did you do to make it work stable on 42mh for hours?
I did nvidia driver update up to the N460.67.

HDMI dummy plug
or find the beta driver :unlocked nvidia driver
here for example : driver 470.05

on hive no diference monitor in or out in the cards same 24 mh/s on RVN and 26.8 mh/s on ETH
" or find the beta driver " this is the questions what driver and how to install in hive/linex sysytem?

unfortunatly it’s only windows
and not a good news, I just ordered one msi 3060 :thinking:

Windows not for serios miners

Ahoj. Vysvětlete, jak to funguje

Please help us