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Will RTX 3060 (non-Ti) work in HiveOS?

I’m running the command
nvidia-driver-update 460

I will keep you posted if it works

I just bought the RTX 3060 and hiveos doesn’t recognize it…

it works perfectly, but only 25MHs

Any news about etash 3060 possibility to unleash this card .

is it because of the driver in hiveos ?
is it because of the bios ?

I have the RTX 3060 12GB Palit Dual: 26,15 MHs ETH - 108 Watt @Wall


Any idea how to unlock the full potential?
For Windows there ist the 470.05 Beta driver.
Do we have a solution for Hiveos / Linux?

you need to run the driver update. just type via hive shell: “nvidia-driver-update”

Not yet it seems. Just mine CFX for the time being :slight_smile:

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