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What's Your AMD Vega FE Settings? HashRate?

My Vega 64 running at 56 Mhs +

then it was probably the driver windows was using. gotta use the right one and do a clean install.
I tried using hiveos but it is never able to download any miners. What version are u using? I still wana try it.

We are talking about the vega frontier edition, it isn’t the same exact thing as a vega 64 or vega 56. The vega fe is a pro card not made for gaming which makes it alot harder to mine with.


Do you apply your core/mem clocks in wattman or amdtweak?
I’m using wattman and for whatever reason the profile has been resetting itself after a few hours to stock settings.

Glad this thread is getting this much attention for the Vega FE users.

Thank you all for the responses and by all means, keep them going.

I ended up selling my Vega FE and bought a rtx 3060ti.

I now just mine with 3060ti’s/3070’s. A lot less of a headache. The Vega would not take any settings other than fan adjustments.

The new rtx cards are really stable and power efficient.

My wattman is solely for powerlimit and fan adjustments. Else all settings are applied on amdtweak. Do you have MSI AB running? If so it will affect wattman settings.

Basically both my wattman and amdtweak both share a similar settings profile.

Thats right, totally agree. Its hard to purchase any RTX series over in asia here. I am just utilizing my workstation VEGA FE for mining fun.

Im sure its your Hiveos problem, I was never able to get stable mining at windows even with different versions of driver,
the second I moved it to my hive rig it got all fixed. mining 37mh without any OC
I’m using latest version of hiveos

the driver thing makes all the difference. sounds like hiveos is using the right one. on windows I also get 37MH using the adrenaline 17.12.2 driver for windows before applying any overclocks, but any other driver gave me crappy results like the ones u were getting. I could only get it to perform well after doing a clean driver install of the one MinerF recommended. If hiveos is doing 37mhs with no OC, it sounds like its got the right driver. If you apply the OC stuff u could get it to 40. And once u apply the amdmemtweak u should potentially be able to get the same hashrate using hiveos as we’re getting in windows.

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True !

I dont know how to do amdmemtweak in hiveos. can you tell me where I can perform that in hiveos?


I dont know exactly but according to this page its included with hiveos:

question: Are you using regular hiveos or the vega version of hiveos?

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im using regular Hiveos, that RX boost I guess is only for RX series cards

this is my vega fe card atm

hmm well it should be possible somehow, even if we just manually load the tool onto the os and run it from the computer. I was unable to get the vega hiveos to work at all using my fe. I’ll try the regular version and see if I can get em working.

One other thing I just noticed is that when my FE is hashing at only 37 before applying OC settings, the card is getting almost half of its shares rejected, which drops the success rate to only around 20MHs, but when the OC settings are applied it only gets a few rejected shares, meaning it is truly hashing at 40+.

i found out that without the voltage settings I applied it was HELL lot of unstable, make sure you set the voltage settings before starting miner on hiveos

also on my case without rebooting after voltage settings it didnt apply onto card. so first set the voltage and then reboot and after reboot start miner

here is how to use AMDMEMTWEAK on any card in hiveos

connect to terminal (I used ssh)

type following :
amdmemtweak --i (GPU Number) --(amdmemtweak parameter) (value)

for example I bumped ref on my vega fe card using
amdmemtweak --i 1 --ref 15000

mining 40mh like a boss now :smiley:

gonna let it mine for few hours then applying rest of amdmemtweak values MinerF provided to reach 44mh

I changed OC settings to same as MinerF also bumped amdtweak ref to 17500 and rfc to 300 and I’m getting 46.5 mh


cant wait to try this myself. great job!

Do you know how to apply it at startup ? (in case of a reboot)

Thank you

I don’t know what you meant exactly

But keep in mind amdmemtweak settings reset at every reboot

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Yes they reboot so how i can run it every time at startup reboot with my settings ?
Is there a startup script which i can add AMDTweaker ?

Thank you