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What's with this one card?

Only this one card isn’t showing 8gb. Anyone had this happen or any idea what’s going on?

Hello peckerhead7.
Well that failure could be multiple things, the easiest thing to think about is that the memory card has broken. I would try several things about you before taking it to a store to be looked at.
1st If you haven’t tried it yet. Try to change that Graphics Card to another Slot that you are 100% sure that works well for you. Change the slot and all the cables. And try it alone (1 Graphics alone).
2nd I see that you have 4 Equal Cards. Try putting the BIOS that you have on the other Cards. Although it is the same BIOS in all, try it. The file may have just been corrupted … Take the test.
3º You could have a damaged memory module, there are ways to see it, but I don’t know how. If you search on Google, there is sure to be information. If that Card was disconnected some time ago, the problem could be with the Thermal Pads of Memories. If it were the latter. There is NO solution, because the memories will have been burned and the arrangement is worth more than the Graphic.

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