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WAS THESE VALUES NORMAL THAT I bought with my RX580 4 GB video card MH?

I get 10 mh and I saw that it takes 15 mh 17 mh 19 mh in an average place. but I couldn’t go above 10 mh.

Try setting REF to 25-30

Thank you for your answer I tried but it’s still the same :frowning:

You’ll probably need to modify the BIOS on the cards and copy the straps from a lower memory speed to the higher ones.

After further research in a different thread, it seems that you’re stuck at 10-11 MH/s unless you use lolminer and connect each GPU to a x4 or higher slot.

If you have each card on a x1 slot you’ll get about 10-11MH/s

If you have each card on an x8/x16 slot, you should see about 20-25MH/s

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