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Vega 56 and Vega 64 guide

Yes you are right Gigabyte vega 64 gaming oc is not so good card very sensitive card crashes very easy


I have another problem. Just bought Sapphire RX Vega 56 Triple DP OC.
I have two rigs able to power up this kind of card. On both, it is not recognized. I mean fans start spinning but the card is not on the list and it is also not shown on the console while booting up.
Meanwhile, on other computers with windows, it works as a single card. Strange is in it?

I sympathize with your problem, but unfortunately, except for a reboot, nothing will help. At least from my experience. If you find a succeed way and сould you write please.

anyone mining ergo with sapphire pulse samsung 56?
my gpu likes to drop dead few times a day. voltage 880, core 1350 memory 960.
amdmemtweak --RC 37 --RP 12 --WR 13 --CWL 8 --FAW 12 --RAS 22 --REF 65535 --RFC 239 --RTP 6 --RRDL 5 --RRDS 3 --WTRL 9 --WTRS 4 --RCDRD 13 --RCDWR 13

Hello all, I’ve been working on trying to tweak my cards a little better.
I’ve managed to get 52.62mh on my MSI Vega 56 Airboost.
I can get it over 53 if I raise mem to 980 but I get about 10 invalids a day.
Currently I’m getting 3 invalids a day.

Any suggestions? maybe something to change in the straps to see if can get rid of the invalids and maybe go a little higher on mem.

amdmemtweak --CL 20 --RC 36 --RP 11 --WR 14 --CWL 8 --FAW 12 --RAS 20 --REF 65535 --RFC 248 --RTP 5 --RRDL 6 --RRDS 3 --WTRL 9 --WTRS 4 --RCDRD 12 --RCDWR 12

try Vega Ergo thread :+1:

I have 2 Hynix Vega 56’s churning nicely at 180mh/s and one flashed 64 at 200 mh/s using above straps.

I have a huge problem with my fourth card. It’s a 56 flashed to 64 by previous owner and can’t find a way to flash it back. When I have running with above straps for Hynix, I get the the 180 mph/s but with 33% hardware errors. No matter what I’ve changed it will also show up dead every 40 minutes or so on average.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

whats your settings for the hynix 56? I can’t get mine above 160MH/s without crazy power consumption

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I have a Gigabyte Vega 64, I’m having hard troubles overclocking it…
So then I’ll like firstly flash it to a Vega 56, but cannot find the correct ROM, here is the error:

How can I choose the correct ROM?


did you flip the “force flash” switch on bios tab ?
Correct rom is usually your gpu´s manufacurer´s vega version 56 bios

I did not use “force flash”, should I?

If u have right ROM yes, it’s normal that flash is made with “force flash” enabled

OK. Thanks! I did it successfully

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Any suggestions on getting the watts a little lower on my MSI Vega 56 Airboost?
I’m happy with the hashrate but I also get a about 2-3 invalids a day.

amdmemtweak --CL 20 --RC 36 --RP 11 --WR 14 --CWL 8 --FAW 12 --RAS 20 --REF 65535 --RFC 248 --RTP 5 --RRDL 6 --RRDS 3 --WTRL 9 --WTRS 4 --RCDRD 12 --RCDWR 12

I’m trying to get the best of my Vega 64 (now 56), but I get a lot of invalid shares and low hashrate…

any suggestion?
Current settings:

amdmemtweak --CL 20 --RC 36 --RP 12 --WR 13 --CWL 8 --FAW 12 --RAS 22 --REF 65000 --RFC 249 --RTP 5 --RRDL 5 --RRDS 3 --WTRL 9 --WTRS 4 --RCDRD 12 --RCDWR 12

I’ll like to remove the “5” in DPM, but cannot on the card settings neither in ALL card settings…


for your answer.
i tried multiple settings on my two msi water cooled.
one of them have cpu dead every 3 hours.
The other one multiple cpu dead per hour.

Do you think it’s possible to flash another vendor bios ?
I will search for one with same power as my card

RC37 RFC239 RTP 6 RRDL 5
Mem 1020 - vdd 820 - core 1050
if working, try lower vdd if dead gpu pump up vdd.
imho with that gpu u should get a bit lower wattage +few mh more

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hi.u need to go your worker “overclocking” tab and clean default conf to get rid of that old state number. Would be a good idea to save your settings as OC template before cleaning defaults, not sure if u need to clean ethash algo settings allso…anyways…there u can get rid of that number

Hi which bios are you using? from techpowerup?

any suggestions for this card?