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Two differences miners, how to run


I have 3 amd and 3 nvidia graphics cards. Can I run two different mainers ? (finminer and ccminer)


in the flight sheet, u can add miners to the same rig and specify to which card
example u wanna mine ETH on amd and RVN on Nvidia
then first miner configure it to use only AMD cards & run Trex for RVN

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I still have a problem, where should I set it?

Set in “Setup Miner Config”. Check command line options for you algo on Google and you can enter it into this section. You can specify which GPU’s to use.

Thanks to man, everything works !

post a screenshot of ur (setup miner config) of both miners

for example: in phoenix miner, the command option ( -amd ) means only will mine on amd cards
and each miner have it is own commands options
you have to set it in (extra config arguments) box

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I have done a number of videos on this. I even have one machine running 3 different miners, on 3 different pools :wink:
Trick is assigning the cards correctly in the miner options
DaveTech Ca

Nice thread guys…once question here…Can I have multiple PhoenixMiners running in the same Worker? Also one this that makes me confused is when we have to specify the device ID. I have in the same RIG 1 GTX 1070 + 1 GTX 1660 Super + 5 RX 5500 XT. When I saw the list of cards I have…it shows GPU 0 GTX 1070, GPU 1 1660 Super, GPU 0 RX 5500 XT and so on. Once it restarts the ID for AMD Cards, which ID should I use in the miner?

O think isn’t possible running in to the same worker two same niner

wso u dont want to share the config…nice of you, thanks