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Trex Miner issue with 3070 ti when earlier it was fine (ERGO mining)

So I am working on a new rig, mostly 3070ti’s. So far I have 3 GPU’s (1 is unused as I gotta run more electrical lines) .

So currently, I got 2 running.

  1. EVGA FTW 3 3070 Ti
  2. Zotac Trinity 3070 Ti.

Earlier, for about 1 month the EVGA was running at 172MHs at 140W and the Zotac about the same but with 155W. (core -500 and memory at 2900).

But since yesterday, it would all of a sudden just give me 110MHs at best for the EVGA model. Same settings. I am also getting a ton of connection errors. This is 0.21.6 for T-Rex.

So I switched to NBMiner and its running fine for most part. Unfortunately the Zotac went from 172 down to 169MHs but at least EVGA is now at 173MHs at same settings I had before.

Is this a known issue with T-Rex miner?

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I have been experiencing the same thing brother, its driving me up the wall. I have tried several miners for for Ergo to fix this problem, none have fixed the hashrates from falling intermittently to around 110mh/s. I believe this is a bug, affecting my 3070 Ti’s and SOMETIMES my 3060 LHR. Its been going on for a few days now, Id say a week. I keep all my overclocks the same too, so I know its not the clocks creating this drop. But I have noticed when I change the core to 1500, I manage to get up to 169-ish.
These are what I normally keep th at and was doing just fine till a week or so ago…

Core: -502
Mem: 2500-2600
PL: 160-175

I honestly believe this is an issue with hiveos.

I forgot about this thread.

OK, So I more or less fixed it and have a constant in my Rig (Excluding the stupid Vega 56 which is a Gigabyte Gaming OC garbage).

The Zotac one required 200W just to get it working without GPU Driver failure. The EVGA models required lowest was 170W before it would have random Driver crashes and the other Zotac (AMP Holoblack) needed 180W.

Now I am moving onto a 3060/ti LHR2 rig for Ravencoin. Unless I can get ERGO stable on that rig then I may go for that.

I tried a million of different settings for the Vega 56 Gigabyte Gaming OC. No matter what, cant get it beyond this and without it crashing.

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These clicks have been stable. I realized, and thanks above, i raised the PL from 160 to 175+ and there all stable now! For whatever reason GPU3 has to be above 175+PL anything below it rides around 172 mh/s @ 1550core 2600 mem and 160 PL. So I guess different 3070 Ti’s have different clocks. Hope this helps.

Glad you were able to get it working.

Now I am wondering, with the new LHR bypass mining software (newest Trex miner and NBMiner), if anyone is able to get new clocks with reduced power and what not?

I would like to know.

On my 3070ti I use cc 1560 mc 3000 and power limit on 200.

I get a hashrate of 176,8MH/s with 142watt consumption

can you provide a screenshot please?

Edit: I tried your OC settings, nope:

I chose dual mining ETH / ERGO

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I am wondering if there is any difference when using newer TREX miner and newer nvidia drivers?

yes here it is

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I wonder if it is my miner and drivers? I am using Nvidia 460.91 and I have to update the miner anyway.

I don’t see why dual mining is more profitable than just mine ETH at the moment

On nbminer I see a similar hashrate

did you have to input any kind of LHR stuff in the miner? Like an Autotune?

nothing in trex… autotune is default enabled i think

ok. I guess I need to update to same nvidia drivers as yourself, eh?

USES 100% graphics card computing power, while only Eth uses max 75%

I can change the memory or core. but if I set core above 1560 or memory between 500-2900, the hashrate will drop to 100 immediately. But with CC1560, MC3000 i have mined for a week. Now back on ETH because of the better profit. Power is jumping between 125 and 180watt

I wonder, did you do any kind of modification to your 3070 ti’s thermalpads cause GDDR6x is a nightmare in temps.

No it is a MSI ventus 3x straight out the box