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Trex Miner issue with 3070 ti when earlier it was fine (ERGO mining)

damn, and I got one of those but 3080 (non LHR) flavor and I had to replace thermalpads cause in ETH it would get to at least 106C

OK, I have updated to nvidia drivers 470.74 drivers and also updated OS. I will give the oc’s a try again


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well mate, I think the update in Trex miner with newest drivers available has allowed the LHR mode take effect and allow me to optimize this build.

I am hoping it will stay stable like this. I guess the 180PL is to guarantee it stays stable for any fluctuations.

Thanks for all your help…

I guess now I can finally add that final RTX 3070ti I have sitting in a box to this rig.

No problem. This looks promising :money_mouth_face:Good luck

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