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Teamredminer failed to initialize device idx 4 (-7)

So as the title says teamredminer wont load on startup. I had no problem 3 days ago but i installed a new GPU (RTX 3060) in the main 16xpcie and now the 2x 570 and 1x 580 wont load in teamredminer. NBminer works perfectly but has low hashrate, around 8-9 on each card.

Im using lolminer as the other miner with a rx 580 8gb and 3060 mining raven with t-rex

did u manage to solve this? i have same thing going on.

Not yet, maybe its the new HiveOS update?

If you like, u might wanto try reistall your amd drivers, its straight forward prosess.
For a guided installation enter the following 3 commands in hive shell,


chmod +x ./


I’ve tried that and tried to flash a new HiveOS. Doesn’t seem to work yet. I will not give up tho!


Same here. Im using a 5700xt gigabyte stockbios

I think I might of found my fix. I have a 3060ti first then a 5700xt. But they say both gpu 0. So I was putting teamredminer to mine on gpu 1 since it’s the second one. Didn’t work. I put it 0 and viola. They are both on 0. And mining fine and stable. Try it. tell me if it worked for you :muscle:


Dude it worked perfectly. I had my nvidia cards on 0 and 1 and my 8gb card on 0 and the rest on 1,2,3 and worked perf :slight_smile:

So to put it simple i just ignored the nvidia cards and started 0,1,2,3 on the AMD cards

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Glad to hear it. Issues with having both amd and nvidia. But atleast it works now. Happy mining bro

Thanks guys.This simple bug fucked me 3 days.I lost 150 dollars cause my miner shut down. Now I fix the bug with your way. Thanks again.

Tank you very much had the same problem

Same here. I tried entering gpu 3 into teamredminer configuration setting, and I got a failed to initialize 3 (-7) error. I Changed it to 0 and it loaded right up, even though its listed as gpu 3 in Hiveos.

Folks, you are configuring the miner(s), what they see and how they idividually see the GPUs. Use that as the baseline. Each miner is not designed to run with other miners. Hive OS makes that possible.

Have to take time to work the Miners and OS together. Most of the Miner config options and support sites share the information now.