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Supervised Farms gone from HiveOS web/app

I supervise a whole bunch of farms and many of them are gone from my HiveOS web/app

Any one has the same issue?

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Farm access sharing now requires a personal tier farm (paid farm) you can read more here: Hive billing

As many users were creating multiple farms and sharing access back and forth to circumvent the old tier billing structure, this ensures fair usage for everyone.

The users that were sharing their farms can enable “Paid features” in the billing tab to enable shared farm access and 180 days stats, their rigs will be billed at the standard personal tier rates, ranging from $0.50/month to $3/month per worker, see the rig cost breakdown also in that link above for more info.

and what gonna happen to all those settings and farms ? once they accept paid future will they come back or we have to add them again ?

I think the farms havent changed, only I cannot see the any more. Most of this people have no clue what their password is, Ive been controlling the farms for a couple of years and they only look at their wallet.

this is painful

the same . i was supervising more than 20 farms with mostly 10~20 cards per each farm … changing their flightsheet base on profit of each week . and now … all are gone … they even removed all those 10 usd of referral in each account … and since i was the one who created their flight sheet … the mining stoped and they rigs wont mine until i can write the rig.conf file again for them … recently we had so much issue with api servers of hive being blocked in our country … we solve via private tunnel … now this … maybe its time to move on and find another rig manager …

btw i dont really mind the payment … its fair … but the hassle of adding all the rigs+flightsheets + wallets is just so much … and also havnig their api servers blockedso setting up the vpn config and their account again … … they usually come to me for their setup and maintenance i get paid enough to be able to afford this fees … what i gonna lose is my time for setting this again

Yes, i have the same problem. I supervise many farms and now the gone. It´s like a new user in my farms web page.
I think they are have some trouble…

Nothing changed, the farms are still operating as usual, just no outside that user account access. If they were mining, they will continue doing so.

You shouldnt need to reconfigure anything (like wallets/config etc) aside from enabling “paid features” as i mentioned in the first reply. That will put you back to how things were previously

Screenshot 2024-03-12 030903
and here is the result of adding again … lol

paid future is active btw

If I had access I would pay the bill but you locked me out.

this bug should be fixed shortly (tomorrow morning), if its still not working by the time you see this you can remove access completely, then readd for it to work.

How to switch on this function?
Как включить эту платную функцию?

Under the billing tab, enable “paid features”, mine is already enabled, but you should see a toggle here

Clear the cache and cookies of your browser can resolve the display issue. Try clearing and then refresh the page to see if the farm is show again.