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Starting problems "couldnt resolve host. The given host was not resolved "

Im running 8 Amd r9 290 cards on a asus b250 mining expert motherboard. Ive copied the hive program to usb and get it to show up on my screen to the yellow “HIVE” LOGO ok etc but cannot get it to start mining for some reason.

It is showing this error “couldnt resolve host. The given host was not resolved”

When i login into hive on browser i can see my miner showing online ok

Ive tried entering start and nothing happens

does anyone know what this error is indicating the problem may be?

thanks in advance

id like to ad rid id and password has been entered sucessfully

Hi @andi1571,

I am having the same issue. How did you solve it?


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Did you fix you problem… ? i have the same…

Here is the solution which worked for me.

1-Change the wifi name-and password (do not use special characters)
2-Turnd off modem firewall
3-Restart the modem-router