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Srbminer multi problem with dynex

Hi, I have problem with srbminer multi - latest ver. 2.3.4. The hiveon is newest too My rig is only on amd rx 5700(xt). Overclocking from internet but it doesnt’ matter… The issjue is - when I start mining dynex with this miner the first maybe is ok but when one of my cards is crash - reprot any problems and mining is interrupted after that the rig is not started at all. I know it after checking logs of srbminer. After that on logs is only one notice “srbminer exited (exitcode=1), waiting to cooldown a bit” With another algorithms and miners it is’nt - the rig restart normally. Here is stop and nothing at all. The only one solution is to restart all computer with hiveon. What to solve it, pls ?

dnx is weird in that it needs to register to the mallob and they been limiting the slots. Not sure if that might be. There is a queue to sign in, but srb should report that as the problem

Also my amd cards should they crash because of oc, won’t resume unless I restart the rig

Try more conservative clocks and voltages

I’ve had a similar issue, when one of the cards crash (due to overclocks), the rig freezes and watchdog is unable to force restart the system. Like keaton said, try adjusting your overclocks so the cards don’t crash.

hey gays, thanks for answers ! My one card with problems is on samsung chip (amd rx 5700) another ones are on chip micron. I will try with another oc. Thanks again… I was familiar with another miners and algorithms when the machine restart automatically so it was surprise when my rig stop inside night and in the morning mining was interrupted… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

i have problem too with 5700xt maybe similar with u
are u problem like this? Rx 5700xt on SRBminer dynex

Did you try the possible solutions i suggested?

Hi, finally I’ve stoped mining dynex :slight_smile: because this problem ! simply lack of time… But I am still interested in and will try to resolve this problem (my problem is exactly the same as have bangbens … My first idea is that the reason is maybe one of the cards with upgrade bios … I must check it yet …