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Rx 5700xt on SRBminer dynex

any one have mining Dynex with 5700xt?
i have problem when start mining i get notification
[2023-10-07 12:34:35] GPU8 couldn’t create buf6 [0] [2023-10-07 12:34:35] GPU8 couldn’t setup ctx->algorithm [2023-10-07 12:34:35] Error while creating GPU workers…

i already change oc stiil have problem
i using lastest SRMIner v.2.3.7
and hive os 0.6-224@231003
amd driver A22.20.5 (5.18.2301)
plase help me thank you

Have you tried Discord chanel ? Doktor is there
From what I saw several users of 5xxx and 6xxx got troubles

Do the cards work on other algos? Try lowering oc/lowering the amount of chips on the problem card.

Srb is working fine for dynex/zil on my 5700s

ok i will try asking on discord

on other algo this card its fine
but when i change to dynex i have this problem
oc already i change to all zero but still same

No oc can be as bad as bad oc. Did you try lowering the amount of chips? Increasing voltages? Lower memory/core clocks?

I have a passion too, with the last verse. Now I’m doing much better, I reduced the OC on the video card, which appeared most often in the logo, and I introduced some additional commands to the miner:

try this