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Solar mining

maybe someone has a hint for me.
(I do not want to reinvent the wheel)

What are the possibilities to influence the power consumption of the worker externally?
I want to use only solar power for mining. Grid power is much too expensive here in Germany.

I already have the power values of the solar system, the house battery and the consumers centrally under FHEM.

It is missing actually only possibility to control the Worker on some parameters. Start-Stop Mining ,Stutdown worker.
(you can switch on the thing via wake on lan)

The logic is very simple:.
Solar power > X
Battery < Y


and the whole thing the other way around for WoL

do you have to enable SSH on the Workler only ?
and then :
ssh [email protected] ‘shutdown’

about SSH I found this:

the question is of course, could it be easier?

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Hi :slight_smile:
Your idea is not that simple!
you got 2 ways to do that

  1. partly dependant on the grid power - since during the night you are not making solar power. ( best way)
  2. Independant - more expensive!

Case# 1 - you gotta calculate the consumption and install even bigger solar installation, because if you install 10kw - you will see 10kw few times a year! and the tiniest cloud, will affect the productivity!
i have solar power installations and trust me - i have seen huge loses - you depend on the sunshie :slight_smile:
Solar power is not costant - something you need to power the rig without problems!
then the grid power kicks in - compensate for the time you are not making enough…
i am sure you get the idea, and i guess this is the best and cheaper way to go

check with your electricity supplier, if they can get you to sell them the electricity you produce for the panels, and this will help the end of month bill

Case#2 batteries are expensive - wont return investment - case closed :slight_smile:

I have 12Kwp PV and 18Kwh Battery. 55% autonomy on the year.
You can already do something with it…
But buy extra only for this is of course nonsense.

My plan is to install only so much mining power that the battery drives more cycles, and the waste heat that warms the basement rooms. the heating is not needed in the room already times.

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