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Settings KASPA?

Hello, is anyone mining KASPA with Hiveos Srbminer AMD 6600 6600XT 6700XT 6800 I need settings for overclock . Thank you!

Lots of core, not much memory and as low voltages as is stable

my 6800 settings
best performence - ~4.6mhash/wat
using bzminer - i think that will have no matter
1850 core, 670 Vcore, mem/vmem - as low as possible. - uses 115W

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this is my status for rx 6800 xt

Can you post it bigger - to see witch card mines witch algo ??

Thats my - lolminer on duo ETC+KASPA and BZ on Kaspa

This might help to mine kaspa

Best Bzminer on Kas… TMR >>> ETHW+ ALPH for AMD