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Selling my home GPU farm that was built last bull run and hardly used due to Eth POS

Collected almost 200 GPU’s and all the equipment in 2022 for home Eth mining farm, most of the equipment was used for less then 6 months before Eth POS happen. Everything was boxed up and has been in storage ever since. I am selling on eBay check out what I have listed there below,

I do have a lot more that is not listed like server power supplies, PCIe risers and wiring etc etc lots unused or only used for a few months.

If your interested in buying in bulk contact me on the below details to discuss please no silly offers I have hundreds of thousands invested in this hardware and would like to get something back as its in great condition and has hardly been used… (this is not flogged dirty equipment that has been in a warehouse farm for the past 5 years straight!)

Discord clubrhino
Email [email protected]