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Safe temperature for a a long and a healthy GPU life

Hello everyone !
so i am mining RXD atm and id like to push the performance to the max
but at the same time i want my GPUS to live as long as possible ,
so is using 250 W and temps around 60* is healthy for a long life or should i go lower ?

Looking like you are running old software (LHR disappeared a few drivers ago).
Likely not using optimal RXD overclocking, you’d need 520 or later drivers which you are not running.

In general the temps you are running now appear within an operational range.

Mine are much more conservative, even my terrible power sucking Gigabyte:

Image 5-5-23 at 8.23 PM

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switch to locked core clocks instead of offsets, no need for power limits.

i think i am using the latest version ?

Miner version, yes. image/driver version, nope, quite a few back, you can update by running hive-replace -s -y or just reflash your drive with the latest image from hiveons install web page.

where can i download the latest version ? i am trying the torrent one but its stuck at 0.2% because no one is seeding

Did you try the link hosted on hives server?

share with me the link for the latest image driver please

Click the zip icon instead of torrent

How do you update drivers? im on some pretty old ones. Do I have to reinstall hive?

Flashing the latest stable image is never a bad idea, as it will come preinstalled with up to date drivers.

You can update them separately though, Updating AMD and NVIDIA drivers