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RX6800 - Efficient Overclocking

RX6800 - Efficient Overclocking.

Guys, I’m creating this topic so that everyone who is interested in making their RX6800 cards more efficient can share information.

I am leaving here the settings that I am using on my RX6800 cards and that are very close to being exactly as I wish.

There are still some things to adjust to see if I can reach with a maximum power consumption of 400W and keeping the temperature always below 65C.

If you can contribute some suggestions, I and everyone who can read this topic would appreciate it.

I’ll leave the screen blank here so that everyone can leave OC models that use their plates.


When I was still running on HiveOS, I only had two numbers in the OC settings: Core Clock of 1700 and Memory Clock of 1075. If I tried to raise the mem clock, the card reverted back to 1000 automatically, so I think it would take a BIOS mod to go any higher. Raising the core clock above 1700 only increased power consumption, but not the hash rate. Lowering the core clock below 1700 reduced both the hash rate and the power consumption by very marginal amounts. The best I could do was about 62MH/s on my 6800s and 63MH/s on my 6800XTs. Upon some further tweaking, HiveOS just kept crashing on me. That could have easily been my fault, but I have now switched to Windows, and am seeing a very stable 63+ on my 6800s and 64+ on my XTs. I’ll give HiveOS some time to catch up, then I might be back again. Hope this info is helpful to you. Good luck with your tweaking.


Thanks for the tips and suggestions, it helped a lot!

Today I have this consumption on my 3 RX6800 cards!

I really care about two main things, energy consumption and temperature. MHs if I keep a medium I’m already satisfied because I’m not in a hurry to get rich :joy:

Do you already know that you have a completed BETA version and a new update that came out now on March 1st?

Because you don’t put it on a new disc and do some tests, you may be able to get better results.

It would be nice if everyone could post here how their settings are so we can get to a better efficiency.

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I did see that there is a new BETA, but have not tried it yet. Since I have Windows running so efficiently right now, I am going to stick with that until the official HiveOS release is out. Right now, on Windows, my core temps are running around 45-50 degrees even with the higher hash rates. Consumption is 120W on my 6800s and 145W on my 6800XTs. So, I’m getting a total of 192MH/s with about 410W consumption and temps under 50 degrees. I’m pretty happy with that.


Also check out:

I see that you have plenty of reasons to be really happy. I have a question if anyone can clarify.

Can I put the same values ​​that appear in the windows overclock in HiveOS?

Did you try to imitate these numbers within HiveOS?

Friend you are very well, I will copy your OC if you allow me because 61.5MHs is very good for me. In my case it is no more than 60.4MHs.

Thank you for sharing your screen.

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Serpent SF did his testing in windows. I ran those Window settings also in Simple mining and from this morning also in Hiveos. My GPU2 did’t want accept more then 2000 on the mem. All above 2000 will give errors.

I realized this site just now, there is a lot of news that will serve me.

I also noticed that each miner can influence MHs if I am not engaged, is that so?

Offcourse, each miner takes some devfee in Mhs from you. Some take more then others. But don’t look to hashrate too much, just compare your daily earnings. I ran severall rigs with the same cards on different miners. I discovered that for me Teamred miner gives me the most accepted shares.

take some time for:

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RX 6800 - Desempenho de mineração de criptografia

Phoenix Miner 5.5e - ETH - (Tempo de memória - Padrão)

59,35 Mhs 2239 core / 2000 mem vcore 1025 / PL 0 165 watts
60,77 Mhs 2185 core / 2050 mem vcore 1000 / PL 0 150 watts
62,10 Mhs 2185 core / 2100 mem vcore 950 / PL 0 145 watts
63,36 Mhs 2048 core / 2150 mem vcore 925 / PL 0 135 Watt - Estável
63,38 Mhs 2080 core / 2150 mem vcore 900 / PL 0 130 Watt - Não 24/7 Estável

Phoenix Miner 5.5e - ETH - (Tempo de memória - Tempo rápido)

60,12 Mhs 2239 core / 2000 mem vcore 1025 / PL 0 165 watts
61,59 Mhs 2185 core / 2050 mem vcore 1000 / PL 0 150 watts
63,06 Mhs 2185 core / 2100 mem vcore 950 / PL 0 145 watts
64,64 Mhs 2048 core / 2150 mem vcore 925 / PL 0 135 Watt - Estável
64,5 Mhs 2080 núcleos / 2150 mem vcore 900 / PL 0 130 Watt - Não 24/7 Estável
62,25 Mhs 2080 núcleos / 2150 mem vcore 900 / PL 0 123 Watt - Não Estável 24/7

Phoenix Miner 5.5e - ETC - Ethereum Classic

60,52 Mhs 2239 core / 2000 mem vcore 1025 / PL 0 165 watts - tempos padrão
61,25 Mhs 2239 core / 2000 mem vcore 1025 / PL 0 165 watts - tempos rápidos
62,77 Mhs 2185 core / 2050 mem vcore 1000 / PL 0 155 watts
64,28 Mhs 2185 core / 2100 mem vcore 950 / PL 0 150 watts
65,78 Mhs 2100 core / 2150 mem vcore 925 / PL 0 140 watts
65,79 Mhs 2048 core / 2150 mem vcore 925 / PL 0 135 watts


Looking for a way to make my MHs bigger I tried to change the miners and found that this new version of HiveOS 0.6-199 @ 210218 is not supporting other miners other than the teamredminer.

I tried to switch to Ethminer and PhoenixMiner but the server crashes and some error screens start to appear, I only managed to start mining again after I put the teamredminer back on.

I believe that an update should be released soon that will allow HiveOS to mine in PhoenixMiner and Ethminer.

Then I researched the developer ads and saw that he made many improvements and launched between yesterday and today, if anyone is interested in knowing what those improvements were, the original text is shown below.

TiasJOntem às 17:06
0.6-200@210301 :bee:
:flag_gb: What’s new?

SYSTEM :desktop:
:gear: Fixed AMD OC errors on when applied on “Big Navi”
:gear: Improved stablity hive-replace on some 3rd party hardware

  • added watchdog-octofan to exclude list.
    :gear: Improved nvidia-driver-update
  • added new option --repo for custom repository.
  • prefer Hive servers for download by default.
  • skip 32bit libs installation.
  • internal optimizations.
    :gear: Fixed memory usage by autofan

MINERS :construction_worker:
:pick: VerthashMiner v0.7.0

I still haven’t managed to get my 3 RX6800 boards over 186.000MH / s inside HiveOS.

Within Windows I am managing to keep it at 193.500MH /s, close to 194.000MH / s which gives an average of 64.566MH / s for each RX6800 card.

Temperature around 57C with 148W on each plate for consumption.

If someone is getting more on their cards and can share the settings I would appreciate it very much.

Whats your overclock settings to get 64MH/s? I have a Sapphire Pulse 6800 and Gigabyte Gaming OC 6800.

The Sapphire Pulse is getting 61.7 MH @ 150W
Core: 2048
VDD: 925
Mem: 1075

Still messing around with the Gigabyte.

Thanks for sharing your settings, it would be nice if more people here in the community could do the same!

Mine as I said are only high because I’m running tests between windows and hives.

186.000MH/s - 3 RX6800 HiveOS
194.000MH/s - 3 RX6800 Windows

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These are my settings for 6800. Just updated to latest beta (Big Navi)
Miner info also showing VDDC. Using TeamRedMiner

Dont mind those DPM and REF values, looks like they copied from same rig running Polaris cards too


Friend a question, do you have any special cooling system there on these boards in addition to the original coolers?

I ask this because I noticed that your temperature is very low, mine here are around 54C. Is yours at 33C?

No special coolers. Mining rig is just under my bedroom window and there is just -6 degrees temperature outside, window is open :cold_face:

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