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RX580 8G 22mh I need help!

Hi, I’m new, I 've bought my first rx580 8g, I’ve installed it, I simply configured the flight sheet but the problema Is that I can’t get it above 22mh. What I have to do? thank you.

Hi. How long was in heavy duty? What’s happening with gpu. GPU gets hot quickly…
Flashed bios?

Share something about the card…

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If you are “new”… it mean that your card can only mined at that speed… for the moment… As you need to do some “tweak”… As you mention 22 mh… i’m assuming you are mining ETH
First… You need to use some basic setup, everytime you add a card (in Hive… you can do this for all card, if all of them are the same brand/model)
CORE Speed : 1150 … no need for more speed… ETH work at the memory level… not GPU
REF 30

now… the Memory… you need to “overclock” the memory… most card can handle 2175… but starting lower is better… think increase per 25 step. If you have a Windows computer, install HWInfo and them the Claymore application… and you start monitoring the “memory error” on the GPU… when you start to see error… go back a little then you have found the proper memory speed (in my case, 2175)
Now it’s time to “lower” the Watt… that could be done by undervolting the card…
VDD 850 is a sweat spot… plug and Amp reader… and mesure the entire RIG… without the GPU… them start mesuring everything with GPU… when you lost the card of crash the RIG… you may have gone too low !.. but 850 is also a sweet spot…
The watt, by default without any optimization… is approx 200W-250 W / card… once optimized… 100-120W !

Some card don’t need BIOS modification… so if you reach 27-29 Mhz… you are good… but if you want more (29-31)… then you need to download the BIOS of the card… name it the proper way, and then put a label on the card… to be sure you wont mistaken the card when ready to flash it.
You need to use PolarEditor, read the BIOS… apply the modification, and update the firmware. Download and upload of the BIOS can be perform from HiveOS !

Be caution… you can brick the card when doing Firmware modification… I heard story of people who did brick their card. When you upload the new firmware… stop the mining… to be sure all ressources are working for the firmware…


Banshee thank you so much! A very complete answer!

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I have the same problem. 22Mh stock.
I do the first steps of banshee procedure (core 1150, DPM 1, REF 30) => up to 23,8 Mh.
But when i try to increase mem clock (just to 2025 or 2050), the Mh go to 20 MH…
What’s happening ?

Check your video driver. You need to set the computing mode! (if using Windows).
But if under Hiveos… You will need to upgrade the firmware.

First download the firmware from hiveos web interface. Carefully label them, and put a sticker on the GPU to know which files belong to wich GOU.

Then use Polaris to edit the memory section (search on the Internet what you should do). Then from Hiveos, upgrade each required card with their own firmware you change. Be sure mining is stopped during that process.

Reboot and retry. You may see improvement.

I got some card i was required to change the firm, and some I didn’t… If you have many card and can’t tell wich one it is. You can set the fans of that card at maximum… Easier to find the one you want!