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RX5700 BIOS Professional MOD with low watts

This is my second RIG.How can you see i work all 3 days without any error.How have I wrote, I write professional BIOS for GPU’s RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT. My BIOS they are characterized by low Watt usage.How can you see on 9 GPU’s power is only 1190 Watt.

Willing I invite to contact to me.
I’m from Poland.


Navi doesn’t have DPM 5 and btw this filed not used for Navi OC

impressive and hope it remains stable for you. are you trying to sell this bios or something?


Hi! Do you only mod 5700 or Polaris & Vega too? What about Nvidia?

  1. Polaris can be modded by numerous VBIOS editors
  2. AMD Vega and Nvidia couldn’t be edited because has signed VBIOS
  3. RX 5700 with Samsung GDDR6 has low power usage by 20W vs Micron GDDR6. You can edit yourself using Windows tools - More Power Tools (MPT) and Red BIOS Editor (RBE)

super to wygląda jak można taki bios ogarnąć ???

Hello, What do you suggest for Sapphire Pulse Rx 5700 Xt?
Im just using -cclock 1200 -cvddc 725 -mclock 1835 on Windows PhoenixMiner, getting 52.9Mh/s @ 94watts.

My suggestion is, build a rig with 10 GPUs and you will see how it looks on windows. I presented cotton wool from all over the rig.
Best regards!!!

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Napisz mi prywatną wiadomość albo bezpośrednio e-mila to sie dogadamy.

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Hello Im very interested please send me email [email protected]

thanks for your sharing, can you send 5700XT mod bios to my email : [email protected]

Hello all,
I present RIG with a new BIOS, but on other GPUs, i.e. ASUS EVO.
In my opinion, I also achieved a good result as you can see.
Best regards!!!

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hi Nice results,
Could you help me, in email, plz share with me the settings… ( [email protected] )

Czesc Jarku,

Pisalem na PM, pomozesz ?

[email protected]

how you make it 60w can you help me please [email protected]

I send you PM !

hi give me mail [email protected]

pm me please [email protected]

Hello @Jarek2805 ,

Really interesting post. Iam new joiner to this forum and i dont see possibility to send private message.
Could you send me your email to: [email protected]

PS. Iam also from poland, always glad to see form our country :slight_smile:

Can you send BIOS, I have asus evo oc 5700 (micron) to compare.
[email protected]
thank you in advance