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RX570 and electricity

Hi everybody,

Back to mining and started to use hiveos. But one thing i dont understand. Im using ASUS RX570 8GB with Samsung memory and it using 740w from the wall 3 cards its insane.
While i was using windows and claymore with simple config it was using half W like now with hiveos.

Any suggestions how i can reduce electricity?

In overclocking settings, there is a switch to use Aggressivre undervolting.

that button switched on

Manually set the clocks and voltages.

There are plenty of people’s examples out there… look at their HiveOS web GUI screenshots for their core and memory speeds and voltage settings.

I have tried everything… the speed is good ,but the electricity using is insane. 4 cards 1040w

Put the specs of your entire setup in your next response.

Things like MB/CPU, PSU, riser type, voltage (120v or 240v), etc.

MB - ASUS Prime Z270P
CPU 2 × Intel® Pentium® CPU G4400 @ 3.30GHz AES
PSU - Corsair RM750i
RISER 3x - VER008S
1x - i don’t know blue color.
3x - Radeon RX 570 8192 MB · ASUS Samsung K4G80325FC · 115-C940PI2-100
1x - Radeon RX 580 8192 MB · Gigabyte Samsung K4G80325FC · xxx-xxx-xxx

OK, that riser has several power connectors…

Which one are you using? 1, 2 or 3?

im using 3

Can you try using 1 or 2 (preferably 1)?

SATA power connectors for mining is a very BAD idea.

yes i can do that

You should, only if you wanna make a fire with the SATA connection.

It’s not just a fire hazard to use the SATA plug to power your risers, it can also waste power.

Sometimes, high resistance (like what is caused by the SATA connector) can increase the power usage of a rig in the form of heat.

Use connector 1 (or 2 if you’re desperate), but never use 3.

What are your clock/voltage settings in HiveOS…? please share a screensnip of the relevant GUI section.

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Here is how i have my 570 set up for the power options.

I am at 91w (i had things turned down alittle and was pulling 85w but wanted to get 30mh)

Before these settings i was running 135w on this card.

Everything would be good if electricity usage would be ~500w

Did you change the power connector on the risers yet?

Also, your VDD is actually kinda high… try getting it to 800mv or less, if possible.

Also, are all your cards running a custom BIOS? I know on my RX 480 8GB cards the VDD is locked at 1000mv because I am using the stock BIOS in Winblows. I used a proggy called WattTool to lower the voltage offsets on-the-fly to get under 1000mv

I saw you have gigabyte rx580 8 gb and you mine with 30 mh. My gigabite mine with 21.5 mh.

Tell me a solution ? my video card has hynix memory.

Im using custom BIOS ,but when im trying to make 850 on RX580 miner crashes if i make 800 on RX570 crashes miner…

Hey just download PolarisBiosEditor it have one click button, upload new bios and use 1150 2100 or 2150

i need to pay 65 euro to software.