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RX570 and electricity

I have changed power connectors same shit…i dont understand why such a big usage of electricity…tried everything…

you dont need to pay euros … the software is free version

The one-click timing patch should apply the straps for better RAM performance.

You shouldn’t need to set the “ref” when you’ve BIOS modded the cards. Try removing the “ref” value and see if your hashrate goes up.

If it goes up, try lowering your clock speeds and voltages even further.

Also, the timing patch allows you to run the RAM at a lower speed and get similar performance (with less power consumption)… I’m running my 29MH/s RX480 with 2050 mem speed because the timings are so tight that I get memory errors above that (in HWINFO64).

I went back and looked at your specs… your PSU is over 5 years old… Do you have another PSU you can try? Maybe borrow a friend’s? You know, as PSUs age, the capacitors lose their effectiveness and will affect the PSUs efficiency.

i Have changed bios of RX570 and now 500w :slight_smile:

Hi, i have an AsRock 570 8gb Samsung memory, i was mining @29.43 mh/s and 83w. my settings

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